Chickens are not Machines

10 facts you should know about the chicken and the egg


  • In 2017, there were nearly 11 billion eggs produced in the UK.
  • Animal products are the only source of dietary cholesterol. Plants don’t contain cholesterol.
  • Chickens have more than 24 calls, each with a distinct meaning.
  • Over 6 million male chicks are killed after hatching every year.
  • Chickens dream and experience REM (rapid eye movement) during sleep.
  • In barns, up to 9 chickens are squeezed into just one square metre.
  • Chickens originate from Asian tropical rainforests.
  • In the UK over 35 million eggs are eaten every day.
  • Chickens are the closest living relative to the T.Rex.
  • At 72 weeks of age, a caged hen will have produced 300 eggs.



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