100% Fat-Free Vegan Bacon is coming to Sainsbury's throughout the UK

The plant-based meat-alternative producers, Vivera, have announced the release of 100 per cent fat-free vegan ‘Bacon Pieces’


Bacon Pieces – Vivera


Initially, the ‘bacon’ will be sold exclusively in a number of UK-based Sainsbury’s stores, but as the year progresses, Vivera have reported that the plant-based product will be introduced into other European countries.


At the same time, Sainsbury’s will also start selling the Vivera vegan steak, which was introduced in the UK last year as the world’s first, in 430 stores.


Plant-based bacon

According to Vivera, they have aimed to ‘mimic real bacon pieces, and to make a product with the same taste, texture and appearance.’


The result is apparently better than the meat version – it has the well-loved bacon taste, look and feel, but none of the cruelty, and with substantial health benefits to boot, due to fact that the pieces contain zero fat.


Bacon Salad – Vivera


‘A large demand’


Gert Jan Gombert, commercial director of Vivera, says: “Especially in the British market we foresee a large demand for our fat-free vegan bacon. Traditionally, it is one of the product categories where meat has been difficult to replace.”


Gombert continues: “Our product development team has done an outstanding job in making the bacon pieces as tasty as the available regular bacon, while reducing the fat level to zero!”


‘More important than ever’

“The overwhelming positive feedback from British consumers for our vegan steak, after its introduction last year, made us decide to give again priority to the British market and have the first launch to market here,” says Gombert.



Pasta Carbonara – Vivera



As it stands, Vivera produces more than 1 million plant-based products per week, providing tasty and sustainable food to the people of Europe.


The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN have predicted that the world’s meat production will double by 2050, and so producers like Vivera, and the part they play in increasing the availability of meat alternatives becomes more important than ever before.





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