Lorraine Carey – "I am Stronger, Fitter and Leaner Than Ever"

Vegan Life spoke to personal trainer and fundraiser Lorraine Carey about completing challenges for charity and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle


Lorraine Carey is a vegan and personal trainer who’s raised incredible amounts of money for charities by completing a series of runs, walks, skydives, and various other challenges. She is the proud recipient of an Arthur Broome Bronze award, given to her by the RSPCA in recognition of her contributions in the field of animal welfare. Having undergone two spinal surgeries, Lorraine likes to prove that she can carry on regardless, and she gets a kick out of helping others and fundraising.


Her Lincolnshire village was badly hit by floods caused by a sea surge. Three horses were stranded in a flooded field and were very close to collapse when a team of RSPCA inspectors arrived and cleared them all to safety. She undertook a series of challenges to raise money so she could help the RSPCA with their endeavours. Lorraine says she’s supporting the RSPCA to help stop animal cruelty and neglect but also to support their campaigns surrounding activities such as testing on animals for cosmetics.


Lorraine has been an animal lover all her life; she shares her home with cats, ducks, rescue chickens, and her two dogs – a little rescue called Bella, and a flat-coated retriever called Elvis. We caught up with Lorraine for a quick chat about the why’s, what’s, and how’s of her veganism.


When did you become a vegan, and why?


7 years ago, having been a vegetarian for 20 + years I have always been passionate about animals and animal welfare. I wasn’t wearing leather and only buying cruelty free cosmetics etc but did not consider the horrors of dairy farming. I came across a PETA video taken in an American mega dairy and was obviously disgusted. From there I started to educate myself and very, very quickly made the move to Veganism. I like many others did not consider the suffering of mass production which in hindsight makes me very sad.


What, if anything, do you find hard about being a vegan, and why?


Eating out can be an issue if the restaurant is not set up for flexing their menu, however if I have chance to look at the menu or call before we arrive it not an issue.


What do you think are the personal benefits of a vegan lifestyle?


Personally I feel very happy to know no animals have suffered for my food or vanity. I’m a personal trainer and fitness fanatic; my health is much improved since making the switch, I am stronger fitter and leaner than ever at the grand old age of 43!


Do you think it’s important to educate other people about veganism?


I feel it’s important to educate them on the way their animal products are obtained. It still amazes me that people believe all the cows are happily roaming our fields and free range means the chickens are all outside. I do accept that not everyone will be interested in becoming vegetarian or vegan but I do know a number of people have converted from what they have learnt from me. Another plus is many of my friends have pledged to buy cruelty-free. Every single step helps


How do you best spread the vegan word?


I fundraise a lot! I campaign on social media and through my own personal training business. People are genuinely interested in what I eat and you can just imagine how many times I get asked “where do you get your protein”!


Lorraine’s Ten Challenges

  1. May 2014: Half Marathon
  2. May 2014: Sky Dive
  3. May 2014: 20k walk
  4. June 2014: 5k open water swim
  5. June 2014: 10k run
  6. June 2014: Yorkshire 3 Peaks
  7. August 2014: Tough Mudder
  8. September 2014: Ten Peaks Hike
  9. October 2014: Hell on The Humber
  10. March 2015: Mount Kilimanjaro




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