Bleeding Burger Company Should Target Non Vegans

New research from the data and analytics company Global Data suggests that meat substitute products such as ‘bleeding’ burgers by the company ‘Beyond Foods’ and ‘The Impossible Burger Company’, should not target vegans, but those who want to cut meat out of their diet or reduce their meat intake.

The evidence provided by Global Data suggests that by doing so, the meat substitute market would be open to a larger group of people rather than just limiting these products to vegans, who in 2017 took up 6% of the American population, and 3% of the UK population – making veganism rather a niche market.

The Beyond Meat burger by Beyond Foods is currently most popular out of the two plant based burgers, however it is more readily available retailing in over 8,000 outlets in the US and potentially 1,000 outlets in Canada. Restaurant chains such as TGI Fridays have started serving the Beyond Burger (but only in the US) and this month in the UK the restaurant Honest Burger in Kings Cross began serving the product. Tesco’s will soon stock the burgers too, placing them in the meat aisle and in their frozen vegetarian section.

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