Paloma Faith Teams Up With PETA in a Bid to Ban the Use of Fur in the UK

Vegan fashion seems to be a popular topic at the moment as we are seeing a rise in high street fashion stores as well as major designers speak out about how they want to improve the ethics of their brands. ASOS, the online fashion store for example recently took a stand against selling what they consider to be unethical fabrics such as silk, mohair and cashmere (although leather is still being sold).

At the end of last year, a petition circulated requesting that the Government ban the sale of animal fur in the UK. The petition gained over 100,000 signatures and although Environment Secretary Michael Gove would not commit to the ban, The Labour Party stated that they would back the proposal and pledged to ban fur imports into the UK in a bid to reduce animal suffering.

Now, with the start of London Fashion Week is looming  and more designers have pledged to go fur free forever including Vivienne Westwood, Versace and Giorgio Armani, will our anti-fur protests be in vain, or will we see some ethical changes take place before the event starts on the 14th September?

In a bid to drive this change, British pop star and fashion icon Paloma Faith has recently teamed up with PETA and written to the British Fashion Council Chair, Stephanie Phair, voicing her opinions on the matter – “It can’t have escaped your notice that the world is turning its back on fur. Around the globe, consumers and leading fashion designers are rejecting the killing of foxes, rabbits, minks, and other animals for vanity. Here in the UK, fur farming has been banned for almost two decades, and efforts are underway to stop its importation entirely once Britain leaves the European Union… The BFC shouldn’t be endorsing a material whose production is deemed so cruel that it is outlawed in the UK. With the vast number of cutting-edge, eco-friendly faux furs available on the market today, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s no longer any excuse for killing animals for their fur”.

This letter, and the numerous petitions and protests from concerned activists will surely be putting an increasing amount of pressure on the major fashion event to take-action and ban the use of fur completely at the event.

Sadly however, whilst many designers such as Stella McCartney are at the forefront of ethical fashion and have very strong views about how anti they are towards animal sourced materials, there are still high-profile fashion designers out there that continue to manufacture garments made from one of the most unethical commodities available, fur.


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