A new survey from the Foodwest shows that a third of Finns occasionally leave meat out of their weekly diets and one in five is actively reducing meat consumption.

The study found that the national trend for meat reduction has remained strong in Finland.

Researcher, Emmi Penttilä, said: “In 2012 we found that meat consumption is going down, and the tendency is ongoing. Five years ago one in ten respondents had cut down on meat; now it is one in five.”

“This year more people told us they were motivated to cut down on meat due to the sheer pleasure of eating vegetarian food.

“Personal taste in this may in fact have little to do with social or global factors.”

Interestingly, the study found that young urban women are the most likely to cut meat from their diets and older men are the most likely to consume animal products regularly.

However, there is still a long way to go for Finland to be a nation of plant-based eaters.

The Natural Resources Institute reports that meat consumption in Finland is growing on average and it is estimated that around 93 per cent of the population eats meat.

However, with an increase in meat reduction among the younger generation we are sure to see the tides change in Finland in the future.

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