20-Year-Old Vegan Comes Second in Body Building Competition

Student Louis Barr came second in Mr Bolton under 21’s Body Building Physique Show in April.

Barr adapted to a vegan lifestyle last November and trains at least five days a week despite also doing an Engineering apprenticeship and attending university two days a week.

Barr trained mostly through cardio for the first eight weeks leading up to the competition. His Father, Jon Barr, told Vegan Life: “Louis trained by using the resistance bike, cross trainer and HIIT on the running machine. Six weeks prior to the competition he switched to a lower intensity cardio to slow the rate of weight loss in order to not peak too early. His low intensity cardio was walking on the running machine at 4mph for 45 minutes. These cardio sessions would be done in the morning as it would wake him up and get him prepared for the day.

“His weight training sessions were done in the evening where he would utilise lots of supersets and TUT (time under tension) where the negative part of the movement would be slowed down to retain as much muscle as possible. He would normally mix up weight training each week but make sure calves and abs were trained at the end of workouts for at least 4 times a week.

“When he isn’t training for a competition he weight trains 5 times a week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat) with the occasional cardio session. When his preparation started 14 weeks prior to the competition he trained 6 times a week, twice a day with a cardio session in the morning before his first meal and an evening weight training workout. 4 weeks prior to the competition he trained 6 times a week, 3 times a day consisting of a morning cardio session, an evening weight training session and another low intensity cardio session after.”

The physique show that Barr took part in involved eight mandatory poses which are scored by the judges followed by a routine to music. Barr hopes to take part in powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions in the future and to increase his muscle mass and physique whilst following a 100 per cent vegan diet.

His father commented: “The dedication that Louis has is truly to be admired, his focus and achievements have made me as his father so proud.”


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