Debate: Should Vegans Eat Eggs from Rescued Hens?

Debate: Should Vegans Eat Eggs from Rescued Hens? 1

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. This time, we ask if vegans should eat eggs from rescued hens   If you have rescued hens, is it acceptable to eat their eggs? A couple of years ago, US actress and vegan champion, Ellen Degeneres, found herself at the…

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Marathon Runner Fiona Oakes on Veganism and Going to the Extreme

Fiona Oakes

Fiona Oakes is a fire fighter, marathon runner AND runs an animal sanctuary. We talk to her about her why she chose veganism and how that affects her performance   Despite a punishing schedule of races, elite athlete Fiona Oakes never misses an opportunity to talk about her ethical vegan diet. 2012 saw her face…

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Julie Bolitho-Lee on How Veganism Changed Her Life

Julie Bolitho-Lee

Julie Bolitho-Lee writes for Vegan Life about her journey from ‘wilful ignorance to vegan bliss’ following cancer treatment in her late teens   Within two months of marrying, my husband and I rescued a dog. This may not seem significant (although my husband was terrified of dogs), but it turned out that Janie, the Boston…

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