‘Why I Started a Completely Vegan Tattoo Studio’

vegan tattoo Shannon Idzikowska

Shannon Idzikowska and her partner run Fifth Dimension Tattoo and Piercing, a Completely Vegan Tattoo Studio, in Shoreditch, London   Art is about expression. When we opened our vegan tattoo and piercing studio, Fifth Dimension (www.fifthdimensiontattoo.co.uk), we created new opportunities for vegans to express themselves in a not-yet vegan world. Tattooists facilitate aesthetic and meaningful…

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Mountaineer Kuntal Joisher – The Vegan on Top of the World

Kuntal Joisher

Vegan mountaineer Kuntal Joisher talks to us about why he turned vegan and how he’s taking his message to the highest peaks   What came first – mountaineering or veganism?   Veganism 🙂 I’ve loved the mountains since I was quite young, when I spent most of my annual summer vacations in the Himalayas. I…

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Researchers Say That Animal Testing Isn’t Helping Humans

curing cancer

Millions of animals are subjected to experiments every year, but top researchers say curing cancer in mice isn’t helping humans     Last year, in the UK alone, 4.12 million scientific procedures were conducted, using 4.02 million animals. The vast majority (82%) of the experiments were on rodents, but the figures also include 3,554 dogs, 109…

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Personal Trainer Dan Fivey on How Veganism Changed His Life


Personal Trainer and marathon runner Dan Fivey is setting out to destroy the misconception that vegans can’t be athletic I’m a personal trainer and I run 60-70 miles a week. I only eat plants and vegetables. Each of those sentences might shock some people. Together, they might shock a whole lot of people.   I’ve…

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Liz Goodchild Tells You How to Realistically Cut Out Cheese


Liz Goodchild gives you some realistic advice on how you can gradually cut out cheese from your diet   Here’s the thing: the first few months of transitioning to being vegan can be hard work. You probably know what I’m talking about: The scanning of the ingredients list on the back of every single food…

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An Easy Guide to Useful Supplements for Vegans


We give you some information about the different supplements available for vegans in order to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle   How do we get all the nutrients our bodies need? By eating a well-balanced, varied diet that contains lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts and pulses… sounds like a…

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What Can We Do About the Plastic We Throw Away?

plastics impact environment

We give you some information about what happens to the plastic we throw away and what can be done to reduce its impact on the environment     Manufacturers love plastics. They’re cheap to make, light to transport, durable and flexible, and can be made into all sorts of useful things. 50 billion plastic water…

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The Story Behind Fleecehaven Sheep Sanctuary in Exmoor


Jayne Peacock, her sister and her mum run Fleecehaven sheep sanctuary in Exmoor. She tells us how it started and what they do in a day     When all this started, twenty years or so ago, we had no idea where we would end up or what we were getting into. The story of…

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