Debate: Should Vegans go to Zoos?

Debate: Should Vegans go to Zoos? 1

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. This time, we question whether or not vegans should go to zoos   Should vegans go too? June is ‘National Zoo and Aquarium Month’, at least in America anyway, so this issue we consider the YES and NO arguments around zoos.…

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Scottish Vegan Stephen Balfour on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

mount kilimanjaro

Stephen Balfour talks to Vegan Life about his venture in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro on a plant-based diet   At the start of 2014 I agreed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Two immediate problems struck me when I made the commitment. The most pressing…

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David Smith – “I Owe My Fast Recovery to Eating Plant-Based”

olympic gold

Olympic Gold Medallist David Smith talks to Vegan Life about why he believes his recovery from surgery was improved by having a plant-based diet   David Andrew Smith is a vegan athlete and an Olympic gold medallist with an incredible story of recovery and unflinching determination to heal, improve, and embrace every day. We spoke…

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Ellen Percival Tells You How to Grow Vegan Organically

grow vegan

What is vegan organic growing and why does it matter? Ellen Percival gives us an introduction and tells us how to do it   What is vegan organic growing? As a reader of Vegan Life you’ll more than likely be familiar with what vegan means, but what you might be less aware of is that…

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Which Plant-Based Foods Provide the Most Protein?


Nutritional Therapist Joe Jackson explains why we need protein in our diet and which plant-based foods provide the most protein   Anyone who chooses to follow a plant based diet is probably all too familiar with the question “where do you get your protein?” The mind automatically jumps to animal products when thinking about the…

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Patrik Baboumian Proves That Vegans CAN Get Enough Protein

Patrik Baboumian

Vegan Strongman Patrik Baboumian is proof that you CAN be strong, muscular or athletic whilst being on a plant-based diet   This issue we’re taking a look at protein, and exploring protein-packed ‘wheat meat’ seitan, so we thought we better talk to a super strong leviathan of a human who also happens to be vegan…

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Rose Brown – The Brains Behind PHB Ethical Beauty

phb ethical beauty

Rose Brown and her family set up PHB Ethical Beauty then they realised just how many beauty and cosmetics products weren’t cruelty free   PHB Ethical Beauty is home to the world’s largest range of natural and vegan beauty products, with stores in five countries and products sold in over fifteen. The company was started…

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Vegan Life Talks to Karis McCulloch from TheVeganKind


Karis McCulloch, co-founder of TheVeganKind talks to us about what convinced her to go vegan, and why she started her own business   In 2013 Karris McCulloch and husband Scott launched TheVeganKind – an entirely vegan business that aims to help make veganism mainstream. Customers can subscribe to a monthly Lifestyle Box filled with a…

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Lorraine Carey – “I am Stronger, Fitter and Leaner Than Ever”

Lorraine Carey

Vegan Life spoke to personal trainer and fundraiser Lorraine Carey about completing challenges for charity and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle   Lorraine Carey is a vegan and personal trainer who’s raised incredible amounts of money for charities by completing a series of runs, walks, skydives, and various other challenges. She is the proud…

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