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Archive for July 2015


vegan blog

A journey into a becoming vegan, especially while on the road, and gradually slipping into the vegan way of life

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Chantal and David – How Veganism Changed Our Lives

chantal denny, david harrow

Husband and wife Chantal Denny and David Harrow talk to Vegan Life about how their lives were transformed when they discovered veganism, prompting then to launch the Vegan Lifestyle Association   After a series of health scares, rescuing a flock of ex-battery hens and the passing of a special friend, husband and wife Chantal Denny…

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Dr Justine Butler – the White Lies Report and Rethinking Dairy


Dr Justine Butler presents a summary of the report ‘White Lies’ and writes for Vegan Life to clear up the misconceptions about cow’s milk   Soya milk, oat milk or rice milk? The number of people choosing dairy-free milk continues to soar. However, despite an increasing body of evidence challenging the spotless image of the…

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Aimee Benbow Explains the Use of Calcium Supplements


Aimee Benbow gives us some advice on what we should be looking out for when making decisions about calcium supplements   Calcium supplements are widely purchased by the aging population to support bone health, but what should consumers look out for when purchasing a good calcium supplement?   Several different kinds of calcium compounds are…

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Sisters Deby and Karen McCloy On Why They Started Vegan Businesses

vegan business

Sisters Deby and Karen McCloy talk to Vegan Life and tell us their stories on how they were both inspired to run their own vegan businesses   Sisters Deby and Karen McCloy, from Swansea, South Wales have been dedicated vegans for over a decade. Their shared passion for food, activism and ethical living inspired the…

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