Debate: Should Vegans Wear Second Hand Leather?

Debate: Should Vegans Wear Second Hand Leather? 1

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. We ask whether or not vegans should wear second hand leather   Should vegans wear second hand leather? This issue we’re looking at the arguments for and against second hand leather – should vegans wear it? It’s not technically a vegan…

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UK Government Re-ignites Debate on Fox Hunting


Tom Quinn from the League Against Cruel Sports says “If you’re against fox hunting, then be sure to tell the world”   The government has re-ignited the debate about hunting, and our MPs could soon be asked to vote on whether the hunting ban should remain or not.   Pro-hunt supporters want the ban on…

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We Talk to Natalie Hough, Creator of the ‘Ethical History Museum’

Ethical History Museum

We spoke to Natalie Hough, creator of the ‘Ethical History Museum’, about her work, why she went vegan, and her love for wildlife   Natalie Hough makes charming animal-inspired objects out of reclaimed wood, and sells them under the name The Ethical History Museum. A committed vegan, Natalie has been donating 15% of the money…

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Cutting Out Dairy – List of Vegan Alternatives for Butter

cutting out dairy

It’s a key ingredient in a lot of cooking. We show you some great vegan alternatives to butter that make cutting out dairy much easier   This issue we’re looking at butter – another one of those staple ingredients that’s so ubiquitous that, for some people, it can seem like transitioning to a vegan diet…

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Vet Marc Abraham on Why ‘PupAid’ is Going Vegan


Emily Yates speaks to celebrity vet Marc Abraham on the eve of the announcement that his canine welfare event ‘PupAid’ will be going vegan for the first time in its seven year history   For an animal welfare lobbyist who makes his own rules, you can’t find a more colourful personality than Marc Abraham. TV…

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Top Endings – Vegetables You Can Regrow At Home


Make the most of the leftovers from your vegetables. We show you how to use the bits you would normally throw away to regrow at home   If you’re a regular reader of this magazine, chances are you eat a lot of veg – and good for you, it’s wonderful stuff! But you might sometimes…

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Shayna from London Vegan Actions – How Veganism Changed My Life

Shayna Weisz

Shayna Weisz from London Vegan Actions writes for Vegan Life Magazine about how she became involved in animal rights activism and how veganism changed her life   I always felt intrinsically that there was something wrong with eating meat. When I was a child, I would never set foot in a butcher’s because I hated…

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Vanessa Barlow – “My Experience of the Vervet Monkey Foundation”

animal products

Vanessa Barlow shares her thoughts and experiences of her time at the Vervet Monkey Foundation in South Africa, and how she decided to completely cut out animal products   I had never considered a vegan lifestyle while living in the UK, I had compassion and respect for animals but somehow this did not reciprocate in…

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Mick Walker on How a Vegan Diet Helped Him Face Cycle Challenges

Mick Walker

Mick Walker tells us how his vegan diet has enabled him to take on gruelling cycle challenges, such as the 112 mile Fred Whitton Challenge   For much of my life, I have been ‘vegetarian’. I cut meat out of my diet a long time ago, followed by fish. Several years ago I stopped using…

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