Debate: Is Protesting Useful for Bringing About Change?

Debate: Is Protesting Useful for Bringing About Change? 1

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. This time, we look at using protesting to promote change   Protest is a form of collective action: a social movement where like-minded people come together to voice their opinion and effect change for the better. But does this always work?…

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Lolo Houben – How to Grow a Veg Feast in the Tiniest of Spaces

vegetable patch vegetables lolo houben one magic square

Make the most of your vegetable patch, even if it’s small. Lolo Houben, author of ‘One Magic Square’ insists that all you need is one square metre to grow a vast range of vegetables   If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own food, but thought you needed acres of space, turns out you were…

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The Facts Behind the Surge in Popularity for Coconut Oil

saturated fat

Coconut Oil is boasted to help in weight loss and cure a number of illnesses. But with a higher saturated fat percentage than butter, is it all it’s cracked up to be?   Despite a whopping 86.5 per cent saturated fat content, coconut oil has seen a huge surge in popularity recently, filling the shelves…

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Vegan Life Talks to Vanessa Almeida, Author of ‘Essential Vegan’

ethical food

A story of how a love of ethical food and talent in the kitchen inspired former city worker Vanessa Almeida to open up a new business   For many people, owning their own food-based business is little more than a pipedream. But Vanessa Almeida’s talent in the kitchen, and dedication to animal rights has led…

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Cinnamon Snail Chef Adam Sobel Talks About Success

food truck

Vegan Life Talks to Chef Adam Sobel, the Man Behind Food Truck ‘The Cinnamon Snail’ About His Road to Success   The Cinnamon Snail is widely considered to be one of the best food trucks in America, winning media plaudits and prizes, and gaining legions of fans who’ll queue around the block to sample chef…

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True Grit – Vegan Life Meets Athlete Jenna Robinson

Jenna Robinson

Vegan Life Talks to Elite Athlete Jenna Robinson About Getting Back into Fitness and Competing in the Obstacle Course Championships   Jenna Robinson is living proof of the power of plants.   The elite athlete, who will be running in the obstacle course racing (OCR) world championships in Ohio this October, has been a vegan…

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