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Debate: Should We Worry About Cross Contamination?

Archive for November 2015

Debate: Should We Worry About Cross Contamination?

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. This time, we look at cross contamination.   Should we worry about cross contamination? A product is either vegan or it isn’t. A government report published last November showed some foods labelled ‘may contain traces of milk’ actually contained much larger…

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Is Veganism the Answer to Climate Change?

With agriculture accounting for 19% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, we discuss if veganism is the answer the climate change   Is veganism the answer to climate change?   Switching to a vegan diet is vital if we are to save the planet, according to a report published by the United Nations this year,…

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Maria Slough Investigates Why Animal Testing Has Hit Headlines Again

Animal testing has come into the spotlight again after the government upholds plans to allow facility to breed puppies for laboratories   The Government’s recent decision to uphold its plans to allow a large facility breeding puppies destined for laboratories has put the spotlight firmly on animal testing once more.   East Riding of Yorkshire…

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Cutting Out Dairy – How to Make Vegan Cream

vegan cream

Cutting out dairy but looking for a replacement? We show you four ingredients that you can use to make your own vegan cream at home.   Whipped, double, or single cream is a versatile ingredient: the perfect accompaniment to strawberries and other desserts, as well as tasty addition to a huge range of savoury dishes.…

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Robert Bridger on How Veganism Changed His Life

Robert Bridger

Robert Bridger from Kent talks to us about how he made the change to go vegan and how he aims to ‘vegucate’ the public   Standing next to a burger van is probably most vegans’ idea of hell, but for Robert Bridger from Kent, it’s the perfect place to spread his message. He spends many…

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