Turning Vegan – Issue 12

go vegan

January is a symbolic fresh start: the perfect time to make changes in your life. For those considering going cruelty-free, here’s our easy how-to guide…

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Debate: Should Vegans Ride Horses?

Debate: Should Vegans Ride Horses? 1

We pick out some popular debates in the vegan world and tackle them head-on. This time we ask, if you’re vegan, should you ride horses? If you treat a horse with respect and care, is it okay to ride? Riding a horse does not necessary abuse or exploit that animal. Many riders love horses, and…

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Timothy Shieff Talks Politics, the Planet and Plant Power

vegan prince

Two-time World Champion Freerunner Timothy Shieff aka the ‘Vegan Prince’ on Using His Platform to Promote Animal Rights and the Environment   “I didn’t vote in the general election. It wasn’t ignorance or apathy – we weren’t being offered anything to vote for. You looked at these politicians, and they are all the same. You…

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Comedian Carl Donnelly Talks About His Journey to Veganism

Carl Donnelly

Comedian Carl Donnelly talks to Vegan Life about how his journey into veganism had offal beginnings   “There’s an incredibly stylish homeless guy in London somewhere, wearing my old Cuban-heeled leather boots. They were the last things to go when I became vegan, and I didn’t really know what to do with them. In the…

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Will a New Government Committee Improve the Welfare of Racing Dogs?


It has been claimed that racing dogs spend 95% of their time in tiny kennels without social contact and suffer neglect. Will a new Government committee improve the welfare of these animals?     Being buried alive, disappearing off the radar entirely, and suffering agonising injuries are just some of the injustices suffering by racing…

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Caryl and Paul Eyersare on a Quest to Find the World’s Best Vegan Food

travel tips

Travelling vegans Caryl and Paul Eyersare share their stories on finding the best plant-based food in the world   We stood at Heathrow airport about to embark on our epic journey. We had spent the previous few months frantically packing up our life, saying goodbyes, making plans and feeling a strange mix of excitement, joy…

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Can We Solve the Housing Crisis Without Attacking Nature?

housing crisis

Vegan Life looks at environmental concerns about government plans to introduce a statutory register for brownfield land for development as well as automatic planning permission for these sights     Environment charities have voiced concerns after the Government announced plans to introduce a statutory register for brownfield land for development, and automatic planning permission for…

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Cutting Out Dairy – Vegan Yoghurt

vegan yoghurt

We give you the recipes on how to make two types of vegan yoghurt at home. A helpful guide for people who are cutting out dairy.     Yoghurt is a standby for many – a handy snack or a useful ingredient in a number of recipes. Cutting dairy out of your diet doesn’t mean…

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Vegan Myth: “Vegans Don’t Get Enough Protein, So They’re Weak”

Vegan Myth: "Vegans Don't Get Enough Protein, So They're Weak" 4

We take some of the biggest lies and misconceptions about veganism and tackle them head on. This time, we look at the argument that vegans are weak because they don’t get enough protein The protein myth is one that has long annoyed vegans. Many meat eaters suddenly become nutritional experts when faced with a plant-based…

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Twenty Years a Vegan – Kate Fowler Shares Her Story

Kate Fowler

Kate Fowler has been vegan for twenty years. She revisits her early plant-based days and talks about how veganism is finally starting to be taken seriously   There was a time when finding a pack of bourbon biscuits in your local shop cheered you up no end. Those were the days when your sandwiches contained…

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