Kate Fowler on the Systematic Abuse of Female Farm Animals

feminist issue

Kate Fowler believes that veganism is a feminist issue. She looks at the systematic abuse that female farm animals suffer     According to Veganuary, most people who try veganism do so out of concern for animals but later discover that it is better for their health, the environment and feeding the world’s hungry, too.…

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Vegan Runners Share Their Stories on Marathon Training

vegan runners uk

Vegan Runners Steve Penny and Kim Wright Share Their Marathon Training Stories   As veganism continues to grow more clubs are springing up to serve the interests and hobbies of cruelty-free living. Among them is national organisation Vegan Runners UK (VRUK), whose members range from ultra-endurance athletes to casual recreational runners.  The club, founded a…

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#GourmetMurderKitchen’s Robbie Locke on How to Campaign

Robbie Locke

In 2016 the #GourmetMurderKitchen campaign went global. Robbie Lockie explains how he galvanised a whole community   They say all publicity is good publicity-but is this always the case? Activist Robbie Lockie doesn’t necessarily think so. While his name might not be instantly recognisable, if you saw any of the controversy around restaurant chain Gourmet…

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Vegan Myth: “All Vegans End Up Stranded on Desert Islands”

desert island

We take some of the biggest lies and misconceptions around veganism and tackle them head on.   Surely the most terrifying proposition facing a wannabe vegan is the overwhelming danger of becoming somehow stranded on a desert island. The more militant omnivores will race to convince you this danger is very, very real.   And…

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Too Many People? How Population Growth Affects the Planet


What effect is a rising population having on the planet? Helena Jones looks at how we can survive sustainably     On October 31, 2011, the world population reached 7 billion-and today this figure continues to rise. As United Nation (UN) projections expect the global population to reach as high as 10 billion by 2050,…

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