Global Food Shortage – Is Veganism the Answer to Food Insecurity?

global food shortage

Could Veganism be the answer to food insecurity? Helena Jones examines the global food shortage   Simply getting enough food to survive is a daily struggle for many people globally. In the face of rapid global population growth and a greater demand for cleaner biofuels, which replace crops grown for human consumption, there is less…

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Green Cleaning – Your Guide to Cruelty-Free Cleaning


Worried about the effect that cleaning products have on the environment? We give you some advice on cruelty-free cleaning   This time of year is often thought of as the right season to have a blitz through your house, casting off the cobwebs of winter, and letting in the beautiful sunlight of spring and summer.…

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Easy Guide to Eating Vegan at Chain Restaurants

chain restaurant

Do you have problems navigation the vegan option at your favourite restaurant? Helena Jones gives you a guide to the options at popular chains   The high street is starting to catch up with vegan demand. While many plant-based eaters are used to having a side salad and a bowl of chips when eating it,…

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Damien Clarkson on Navigating the Contemporary Vegan Community


Influencer and Environmentalist Damien Clarkson talks to Vegan Life about navigating the contemporary vegan community   “Community is a group of people who have a particular characteristic in common. When you have a social justice movement like veganism, the community surrounding you acts like a support system. It’s really easy to become isolated when you…

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Black Fish Founder Wietse Van Der Werf on Marine Conservation


Wieste Van Der Werf, founder of the Black Fish Organisation, is ruthless in his pursuit of saving marine life   Our oceans are being plundered by reckless criminals: over 800kg of fish illegally taken from the water every second.   The scale of overfishing is so vast it has been connected to organised crime. The…

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Project Billboard: An Innovative Campaign to Spread the Vegan Message

billboard campaign

We talk to Go Vegan Scotland’s Susan and Barbara Bolton about their innovative billboard campaign that aims to spread the vegan message   In March’s [2016] edition of Vegan Life we published a news story about Tracy Cassidy from Manchester who hired a billboard space in her city to display a huge poster about veganism.…

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Campaign to See Chickens Granted Companion Animal Rights

companion animal rights

Julie Vegani writes about a remarkable campaign to see chickens granted companion animal rights     In the largest public gardens in Bologna, Italy,  I Giardini Margherita, tourists, children, the inquisitive, and the perplexed, make a beeline for the two friends soaking up the sun on a picnic blanket. When asked about their friendship, one…

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Teen VGN – Expert Advice for Young People

teenage vegan

We Share Some Expert Advice for Young People and Guardians on Navigating the Vegan Lifestyle   Choosing a vegan lifestyle can be daunting for some: you may be changing a lot of your eating and shopping habits. On top of that, you may feel isolated if you don’t know other vegans. It’s not just about…

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DIY SOS’s Nick Knowles – On The Road to Veganism


DIY SOS’s Nick Knowles talks us about not being a “typical” vegan and his venture in opening up a vegan bistro   There is no such thing as the ‘typical’ vegan and proving this better than anyone is TV star Nick Knowles. With his 6’2” frame, and 46 inch chest, the DIY SOS presenter is…

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