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Refreshing and Filling Very Berry Smoothie

Archive for June 2016

Fighting for Primates – Why are So Many Still Subjected to Experiments?


Why is it that so many primates are still subjected to animal testing? Vegan Life looks at the efforts being made to stop the practice.   Forced to live their short lives like prisoners: deprived, miserable, and in pain, thousands of monkeys–mainly macaques and marmosets – are used in research and testing every year. These…

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After Antibiotics – Could Misuse of Medication Lead to Health Crisis?


Could the Misuse of Medication in Agriculture Lead to a Global Health Crisis?   A world without antibiotics-where common infections have no cure and can kill mercilessly-is a terrifying possibility. In fact the world’s journey towards a ‘post-antibiotic’ era has been described as a ‘global health crisis’ by the World Health Organisation [WHO].   According…

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Could Lab-Grown Produce Mean the End of Meat as We Know it?


Could Meat That Has Been Grown in a Lab Change the Way we Eat Food?     Imagine a world where no animal had to suffer the pain and indignity of the industrial farming system-a world where those who would never consider a meat-free lifestyle could feast on steaks, pork chops and bacon-without any animals…

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Vegan Myth: “Vegans are Destroying the Rainforest”


We Take Some of the Biggest Lies and Misconceptions around Veganism and Tackle them Head On Soya is often associated with a variety of dairy-free and meat-free vegan products. It’s believed a football pitch-size area of rainforest is razed down every second to grow this crop. Changing a rich and vibrant rainforest into a monoculture…

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Vegan Legend Bryan Adams Shares His Thoughts on Veganism

Bryan Adams

Having Attended Raw and Juicy’s 10th Anniversary Party, Pop Legend Bryan Adams Shares His Thoughts on Veganism   Pop star, best-selling musician, and celebrity snapper Bryan Adams has enjoyed a veggie diet for over 20 years, relying on a large proportion of raw foods to give him the energy needed to tackle a high energy…

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Singer Mya Talks About Veganism and Her Success as an Artist


Singer Mya has had remarkable success as a Grammy-winning artist. She talks about how being vegan has contributed   Christina Aguilera, Pink, and Lil Kim are just some of the famous names global superstar Mya has worked alongside. The singer, who released smash hit Lady Marmalade among a host of other numbers, has enjoyed a…

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Earthlings Experience – The Women Behind the Masks

earthlings experience

Vegan Life talks to activists Jane and Phoebe Frampton, the silent campaigners who aim to share awareness through the Earthlings Experience   Wearing masks and holding laptops the silent campaigners do not talk to passers-by. Some stop and watch the moving images unfurling across the screen while others rush by, pretending not to have noticed…

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Juliet Gellatley on Passion, Knickers and a Pig Called Blue

Juliet Gellatley

Tony Wardle Interviews Juliet Gellatley, the Founder of Vegan Group Viva! about campaigning and her investigative Face Off series.   I’ve known Juliet Gellatley a long time – a very long time – 26 years to be precise.   When I first met her she was a young youth education officer at the Vegetarian Society but…

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Why the Human Population is an Animal Rights Issue


Marcus Dredge shares his thoughts on how the growth in human population affects animals and what we can do about it.   The issue of human population is notoriously taboo and when it is discussed it’s often downplayed and assessed from an anthropocentric (human-focused) perspective. This taboo exists in both the environmental and animal rights…

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