English Vegan in New York – Issue 17

English Vegan in New York - Issue 17 1

Shena Louise takes a bite out of the Big Apple New York: home of JFK Airport, iconic yellow cabs…and an abundance of wonderful vegan food. Our journey started with a nerve–wracking flight and a tumultuous taxi ride, excitement mounting as we careered over Brooklyn Bridge. On our first night in New York we just had…

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Ecotourism: Saving or Selling Wildlife?

Ecotourism: Saving or Selling Wildlife? 2

Helena Jones reports on ecotourism: the popular vacation option that encourages “sustainable tourism”. But does it really help wildlife?   It’s no secret that trips to faraway places produce plenty of air miles pumping greenhouse gas emissions and pollution into once-pristine areas. Images of densely packed crowds on beaches and litter strewn on the ground…

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Deer Under Attack: Is Shooting Really the Way to Control Deer Numbers?

deer culling shooting

Every six months thousands of deer are culled. Vegan Life looks into whether shooting is really the way to control deer numbers in our countryside     Habitat fragmentation, lack of natural predators, and a growing human population are just a few of the reasons so many of our wildlife species are on the decline.…

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