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How difficult is it to bring up vegan children? Issue 18

Archive for August 2016

Can a Plant-Based Diet Help Control Type 2 Diabetes?

plant-based diet

Medics give us their opinions about whether or not a plant-based diet controls type 2 diabetes Fatigue, blurred vision and skin disorders are just three possible side effects of type two diabetes-an illness that affects 3.15 million people in the UK. “Type two diabetes is the result of the body’s inability to produce enough insulin…

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Kid Poker – Vegan Daniel Negeanu Dominates the Card Scene

daniel negeanu

Vegan Daniel Negeanu has dominated the card scene for two decades With appearances in movies like X Men: Wolverine and Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas music video, you could be forgiven for thinking Daniel Negreanu is an actor or artist. In fact, the 41 year old Canadian is actually one of the world’s most…

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Sunder – The Story of One Indian Elephant’s Fight for Freedom

Sunder - The Story of One Indian Elephant's Fight for Freedom 1

Sunder the elephant became well-known after footage of him being abused was leaked online. Vegan Life looks at how Sunder got his freedom.     Living alone in filthy, cramped conditions, and trapped by the spiked chain around his leg, young Indian elephant Sunder’s life was far from luxurious. Without any proper knowledge of how…

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Thousands of Animals Rescued from Earthquake Devastation in Ecuador


Photojournalist John Keeble reports from Ecuador about the thousands of animals that needed rescuing after the April 2016 earthquake   On April 16 [2016] Ecuador was hit by a powerful earthquake. The 7.8 magnitude quake turned the costal Tarqui area from a bustling beach town into little more than rubble.   Destruction spread far and…

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Stephen Balfour on the Glasgow Earthlings Experience

stephen balfour

Stephen Balfour talks to Vegan Life about his first time taking part in the Earthlings Experience in Glasgow.   On May 14 [2016] I attended my first Earthlings Experience in Glasgow. Travelling into Glasgow from Fife, my feelings were equal parts nervous and excited.   Upon arriving at the rendezvous point I began to relax…

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