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Liselotte Roll – Inside the Mind of an Author

Archive for December 2016

Liselotte Roll – Inside the Mind of an Author

liselotte roll

If it wasn’t for her son’s severe food allergies, author, journalist and former archaeologist Liselotte Roll would never have pursued her passion for crime writing. With experience in newspaper reporting and inspiration from a thought provoking trip to Argentina in the nineties, Liselotte put her unexpected free time to good use and wrote her debut…

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Vegan Illustrator Elissa Elwick on Creating Children’s Picture Book

Elissa Elwick

Illustrator, author and vegan Elissa Elwick has teamed up with bestselling children’s author Philip Ardagh to create a fact-packed picture book series titled ‘Little Adventurers’. This bright, colourful collection of stories follows the exciting lives of four characters – Finnegan, Floss, Sprat and Peanut – who, through their adventures, encourage children to explore the great…

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How Veganism Pushed Snooker Player Neil Robertson to New Heights

Neil Robertson

Snooker may not seem the most athletic of activities, but at the top level of the sport, the leading players seek any edge over their rivals. Neil Robertson turned vegan two years ago in a bid to improve his stamina, and has never looked back.   At the biggest tournaments, snooker players often compete for…

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A Voice in the Fight – Margarita Solovyena Talks Activism

Margarita Solovyena

Margarita Solovyena shares her experiences with attending animal vigils and how “we need every voice in this fight”.   If I could describe the first ever vigil I went to in one word it would be stench. At some point I noticed a truck that was left where we were standing with posters. At first,…

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Irrationally Funny – Romesh Ranganathan Talks Veganism

Romesh Ranganathan

Right now you can barely turn on the TV without seeing Bafta-nominated comic Romesh Ranganathan performing his brilliantly self-deprecating act, or appearing in his BBC show Asian Provocateur. The funny man, who hasn’t eaten meat since he was 12, is one of a growing number of vegan comedians. “I think there is a link between…

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Breaking News: Vegan Fried Chicken Shop

Fat Gay Vegan said “in the history of breaking news on this blog, I’m not sure I’ve ever written anything this exciting.” London is about to get the world’s first 100% vegan fried chicken shop. Introducing… Temple of Seitan’s Vegan Chicken Shop. Boiler House, Brick Lane again this weekend ✌?️ doing subs & popcorn using…

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Precious Vegan Jade is a Psychiatric Nurse based in London. Her website known as Precious Vegan is a lifestyle blog including; reviews on restaurants, vegan themed documentaries, recipes, travel and much more. Click here to read Jade’s post on Vegan Life Magazine Find Out More:  

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Scottish banks promise their notes are vegan-friendly

Scotland’s producers of new polymer bank notes have confirmed their cash is free of any animal products. Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of Scotland and the Clydesdale Bank were all asked to make statements about the contents of their notes after vegans throughout Britain reacted angrily yesterday to news that the Bank of England’s new…

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