2017 Yulin Dog Meat Festival Goes Ahead

Unfortunately, the 10-day Yulin dog meat festival began yesterday, despite previous reports that it may be cancelled. However, an announcement by the Humane Society International revealed that the authorities made a last minute compromise deal with the vendors. Reports claim that the Yulin authorities have limited the number of dogs which can be sold to two per vendor, which is a drastic reduction from previous years.

The Chinese police appear to be enforcing the compromise deal and a video has been shared on social media which appears to show police officials shutting down dog meat stalls which are not complying with the new regulations. The video, provided by partners of the Humane Society International, can be found here.


According to animal rights groups at the festival, the Yulin police have also deployed officers to provide a heavy presence in the main markets and regular inspections are expected to continue over the 10-day festival.


The move is being attributed to international pressure after years of criticism from around the world with animal welfare at the heart of the issue.


The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation have reportedly saved over 800 dogs from slaughter so far this year. Those which have been rescued are being given urgent medical care including antibiotics, IV drips and vaccinations.

On the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation Facebook page, they have said: “While thousands upon thousands were brutally slaughtered this year at Yulin – it is the Chinese activists that have been heroic, stopping trucks and collectively saving thousands.

“There is movement being created, fuelled by the youth and upcoming generation. It is the voice of the masses, and the hands of those on the ground that will change it. The activists are speaking. And the people – there is hope for the animals.”


Image Credit: The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation


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