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A Few Tips to Navigating Veganism

Archive for January 2017

A Few Tips to Navigating Veganism

We give you a few tips that we believe will help you in navigating yourself around the world of veganism.   Things you wanted to know – but were afraid to ask Almost five years ago, armed with a single vegan book, some information from the internet, and little knowledge (but a steely determination to…

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Sydney’s getting Australia’s first dairy free ice cream truck

Sydney will soon be the home to Australia’s first ever dairy free ice cream truck… Vegans rejoice! The Urban List confirms sundaes with brownie bits, cookie chips and of course all the drool-worthy sauces and sprinkles your instafeed can imagine. The four-wheeled vegan dream machine is brought to you by Over The Moo – who…

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Baileys have confirmed to Vegan Life Almande IS vegan

Vegan-certified Irish cream is set to hit store shelves by March. Liquor company Baileys has obtained vegan certification for its Irish cream beverage Almande Almondmilk Liqueur. The company launched Almande as a dairy-free alternative to Baileys Irish cream last May, which received an outpour of excitement from the vegan community. The brand didn’t intentionally release…

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Marks and Spencer joins vegan boom with plant-based sandwich range

Highstreet retailer Marks and Spencer is the latest company to add a list of vegan options to its lunchtime range. The retailer sells over 1.5 million sandwiches every week, with over 30 fillings but this is the first time it has sold sandwiches suitable for vegans. M&S sandwich expert, Helen Brennan, said: “We’ve seen a…

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Artisan vegan ‘meat’ company latest to offer Veganuary advice and promotion

To celebrate Veganuary, Gambardeli’s is offering every customer one free pack of their meat-free sausages with every three packs of steaks purchased. Gambardeli’s is a vegan deli that sells meat-free sausages and steaks made to its own recipe. Three decades ago, founder Margaret Gambardella investigated an ancient Chinese method of concentrating the proteins in flour…

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Precision Luxury in Hong Kong – Issue 15

Paul and Caryl from Vegan Food Quest are enjoying their third year of full time travel as they continue to find, eat and write about the best vegan food in the world Dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant was firmly on our bucket list, so when we arrived in Hong Kong, after nearly two years of…

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Dairy-free brand Nush launches UK’s first nut milk yoghurts

Dairy-free brand Nush is claiming a UK first with the launch of the country-s first nut milk yoghurts, made with avola almonds.   The product is made by blending almonds, filtered water and live vegan probiotic cultures, and can be used as a direct swap for dairy yoghurt. The brand was established in December and…

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Under Pressure – Louise Wallis Talks Working Undercover

Louise Wallis

Louise Wallis, former president of the Vegan Society, talks about her activism and the psychological toll of working undercover   Louise Wallis is an important figure in the animal rights world: a former president of The Vegan Society, she founded World Vegan Day. Now Louise runs Karamel – a vegan dining and performance space in…

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Vegan Advocate Benjamin Zephaniah and the Power of Words

Benjamin Zephaniah

“The west doesn’t understand the principles of Tai Chi – it’s gentle, however it is a fighting martial art too.” Poet, writer, actor, and vegan advocate Benjamin Zephaniah is talking about martial arts, but he could be talking about himself; there is a gentle way about how he spreads his vegan message – he says…

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