Quorn products officially registered as vegan

Quorn products officially registered as vegan 1

Alternative meat producer Quorn, has registered its entire Vegan Range with the Vegan Trademark, calling the logo the “cherry on top” of a very successful launch. Some of the products have been available throughout the UK since October 2016 but the new registration gives extra credibility and assurance to consumers avoiding animal ingredients. George Gill,…

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Harvester announce new vegan menu

Harvester announce new vegan menu 2

Harvester announce the launch of its new vegan and vegetarian menu options. With an ever increasing demand for meat-free and vegan options, Harvester is now offering its guests some delicious new dishes, responding to diners’ special dietary wants and needs. After trialling a large range of veggie and vegan dishes in selected restaurants for the…

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Bagel Factory first in the UK to offer Bagels with Vegan Cream Cheese

Bagel Factory first in the UK to offer Bagels with Vegan Cream Cheese 3

Popular commuter spot, Bagel Factory, will become the first chain to add a vegan cream cheese to its menu – satisfying compassionate and health-conscious customers across the UK and Ireland. In recognition of this innovative step – PETA is awarding Bagel Factory its prestigious Proggy Award (progress award), which recognises animal-friendly achievements in commerce and…

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Human v Carnivore – Issue 10

Human v Carnivore - Issue 10 4

Are human bodies designed to eat meat? Many people describe themselves as ‘omnivores’ – meaning they eat a wide variety of food from plant-based and animal-based sources. Meat-eaters will often argue the presence of ‘canine teeth’, as well as our ability to digest meat means nature designed us to consume flesh. But is this true?…

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British Vogue highlights cruelty-free and vegan makeup

British Vogue highlights cruelty-free and vegan makeup 5

British Vogue editor puts the spotlight on vegan and cruelty-free makeup and highlights some companies that are “giving cruelty-free cosmetics some serious bite, with colours and formulas as bold as their beliefs.” Lottie Winter focuses on some of the brightest and best vegan make-up products, looking at brands such as Kat Von D – set…

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Reebok creates plant-based shoes

Reebok creates plant-based shoes 6

Reebok to introduce a line of sustainable plant-based shows later this year. Back in November, Adidas took to the Bio fabricate Conference in New York to introduce a Futurecraft silhouette constructed out of Biosteel – which is 100% naturally biodegradable. Now just a few months later, Reebok is getting in on the sustainable action, announcing…

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Vegan Myth: “Vegans Are Too Preachy”


We take some of the biggest lies and misconceptions around veganism and tackle them head on   “How do you know someone is vegan?” Ho ho ho. “Don’t worry – they will tell you.” Ha ha ha. For many vegans this unfunny – and thoroughly unoriginal – joke is the bane of their existence. Partly…

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Meet the Chef – Vegan Life Meets Sam Murphy

sam murphy

Sam Murphy talks to Vegan Life Magazine about the gradual changes she made to become vegan and enjoy cooking an array of plant-based meals.   I discovered veganism and the world of plant-based eating around four years ago. I went vegetarian pretty much overnight and then it took me a little while to wean myself off…

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Rise of the Superfoods – Will Consumers Buy Them This Year?


Could superfoods be the answer to all your health-related issues? Supermarket shelves are groaning under the weight of products extolling their nutritional values, and over the last few years, consumers have been keen to try out these highly touted snacks. But will the trend continue?   A study released last by market research company Mintel…

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Grey Matter – Rapper Grey Talks to Vegan Life


Vegan rapper Grey made waves at the end of last year when his Thanksgiving rap and video went viral. The catchy rap was partly inspired by a clip by gospel singer Shirley Caesar, whose words (beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes) form the backbone to the song.   The Florida native (who now lives in Atlanta) has…

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Vegan Kids Support Group – A New Resource for Families

anna nestulova

From packing the right food in lunchboxes to difficult conversations, raising a family can be hard work at the best of times. Throw veganism into the mix, and some caregivers can feel overwhelmed at trying to eschew all animal-derived products in a world that isn’t always vegan-friendly. The internet has long provided one of the…

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The Mayhew marks World Stray Animal Day

The Mayhew marks World Stray Animal Day 7

This year April 4th marks World Stray Animal Day, which gives special attention to the millions of stray animals in the world. As well as helping hundreds of stray dogs and cats every year in the UK, The Mayhew Animal Home also has a growing international presence to help make a difference to stray communities…

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