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Vegan Vending Machines In San Francisco

Archive for July 2017

Vegan Vending Machines In San Francisco

A company called leCupboard which creates nutritious vegan meals is looking to place ‘refrigerated mobile Cupboards’ (vending machines) across the US to encourage people to eat more plant based meals for improved health. Offerings include le Koh Samui —a blend of mango, cashew and a peanut-chilli lime dressing — and le Paris — a raspberry…

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Lyon’s Coffee and Coconut Ice lollies

Coffee Coconut ice lollies

Easy to prepare and bursting with flavour, these coffee coconut lollies made with Lyon’s coffee bags are sweet and refreshing.     With the summer months in full swing, this simple coffee coconut frozen treat is the perfect way to cool down during those sunny afternoons. Kids and adults alike will love these unusual ice…

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Ms Cupcake’s Lemon Blackberry Square

Delicious vegan baking recipe for Lemon Blackberry Squares from Mellissa Morgan from London-based Ms Cupcake.     Ingredients Crumble mix 100g (1 cup) plain flour (self-raising is fine if that’s all you have) 50g (¼ cup) brown or demerara sugar 50g (¼ cup) dairy free margarine   Cake Mix 450g (4 cups) self-raising flour 225g…

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Adoption is the Only Option – Ten Reasons to Adopt


Vegan Life gives you ten great reasons why you should adopt a companion dog before you consider buying a puppy     Companionship with an animal is a strong, sacred bond and the special relationship which exists between human and dog is a rewarding and gratifying one; adoption can change your life, as well as…

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Vegan Complains About Prison Food On Blog

41-year-old Graham Coutts was jailed in April 2003 after being found guilty of murdering special needs teacher Jane Longhurst and was ordered to serve a minimum of 30 years behind bars. On his blog (dated 21st May 2017), Coutts claims that the vegan pack which he is provided ‘deviates considerably’ from the recommended amount and…

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Poetry: A Day In The Life by Miranda S Eisen

“Veeeegan” they say with bitter distaste It’s not a point of pride or possible discussion to influence behavioural change It’s a belief put into practice but remains silent until confused fingers point at your lunch Even then requiring the bare minimum of explanation It’s my impassioned, youthful voice aching my mother’s head as she orders…

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Olivia’s Blog: What is normal anyway?

The sun is out and it is confession time. I am a geek. I adore fantasy fiction and the words Lord of the Rings Extended Edition fill me with immense joy. Ten years ago this would have been utterly uncool but the word geek has been reclaimed. Geek chic is ingrained in our society and…

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Martin Whybrow: How Gleaning Can Reduce Food Waste

Martin Whybrow reports on why gleaning is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of food waste we produce.   An ever-growing army of volunteers is heading out this summer to fields and orchards across the country to tackle farm waste. Martin Whybrow reports on why it is needed and how to get…

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The UK Animal Killer

The UK Cat Killer - Vegan Life Issue 29

Londoners Boudicca Rising and Tony Jenkins run a small rescue centre called South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty — SNARL. In late 2015, their lives changed forever; in the past eighteen months they have led a criminal investigation into an animal killer and recovered the bodies of 260 murdered cats. The bodies are mutilated; limbs…

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EV Nissan LEAF Competes In Mongol Rally 2017

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more relevant in a world where human activities are depleting resources and changing our climate. An eco-conscious couple are driving the Nissan LEAF, a fully electric vehicle, approximately ten thousand miles to prove that you are not limited by choosing an EV over a traditional vehicle. Chris Ramsey, founder of…

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World’s First Ever Vegan Comedy Club In Canterbury

Viva Las Vegans is coming to Canterbury and will be compared by Matt Hoss, a 23 year old stand-up comedian and Canterbury local. Viva Las Vegans is the first ever vegan-specific comedy night where there will only vegan comedians performing. The event takes place  at Conquest House, Canterbury on 3rd August, in association with Kent…

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Justine de Jonge: Why Travel Is A Lot Like Being Vegan

Justine de Jonge writes for Vegan Life about why she compares the journey to being vegan to the journey of travelling the world.   Living as a vegan in this world is a journey in itself. We are all travelling along a path, and that path doesn’t always lead us to one destination. Being in…

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