Which Foods Do Vegans Miss At Christmas?

Which Foods Do Vegans Miss At Christmas? 1

A new survey taken by the supermarket Waitrose has revealed the Christmas foods that vegans miss the most. The survey found that the food that vegans missed the most was turkey, with 24 per cent of people saying that they missed the traditional meat. That isn’t to say that these people want to eat turkey…

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Recipes for Three Delicious Vegan Pizzas from ‘Vegan BBQ’

vegan pizza

We give you the recipes for three delicious vegan pizzas, courtesy of ‘Vegan BBQ’ by Nadine Horn and Jorg Mayer. Includes recipes for ‘Pizza Arrabbiata’, ‘Melanzana Pizza Bites’ and ‘Vietnamese Pizza’   Pizza Arrabbiata (makes 4 pizzas)   For the Pizza Base 1 sachet (7g) dried yeast 500 g white spelt flour + 4 tbsp…

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What Should You Do When You Accidentally Eat Meat at a Restaurant?


Jen Waters talks to two vegan restaurant customers who, due to human error, accidentally ended up eating meat   “I had asked a few times, and the waiter promised the dish was just rice and vegetables. Almost as soon as I took a bite, I realised there was chicken in it. It’s fair to say…

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Hazel Dormouse in Focus

Hazel Dormouse in Focus 2

Vegan Life takes a closer look at this endangered mammal – the hazel dormouse   The dormouse (muscardinus avellanarius) is one of Britain’s most endangered mammals. This fluffy rodent can easily be distinguished from other mice by their long, fluffy tails. They have bright golden fur on their back and a pale cream-coloured underside. Once…

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Vegan Nut Roast With Onion Gravy

Vegan Nut Roast With Onion Gravy 4

Stuck for a new vegan roast idea? Try Stuart Cauldwell’s delicious vegan nut roast recipe. Stuart Cauldwell is the head chef at Roast Restaurant, which you can find at Borough Market, London. You can try out their Vegan Nut Roast with Onion Gravy at their restaurant or you can try to make it at home…

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Tories Vote Against Animal Sentience In EU Withdrawal Bill

Tories Vote Against Animal Sentience In EU Withdrawal Bill 5

The Tories have voted against the inclusion of animal sentience in the EU Withdrawal Bill, suggesting that they don’t believe that animals can feel pain or emotions. This is a devastating blow to animal’s rights campaigners and animal lovers around the UK and many, quite rightly, feel that this is a step backwards for animal…

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An Alternative City Dog

An Alternative City Dog 6

Holly Atkinson writes for Vegan Life on the benefits of adopting a rescue greyhound in a city and how she fell in love with Bob. Living in London for ten years, working full-time and frequently travelling meant that I could never responsibly keep a dog in the city.  That is, until now. You see, my…

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Meet the Chef – Stuff I Eat’s Chef Babette

Chef Babette

We sit down and have a talk with Chef Babette, the woman behind vegan restaurant ‘Stuff I Eat’ in Inglewood, California   Chef Babette is a world-class healthy chef, fitness expert and motivational speaker. She runs a successful restaurant, Stuff I Eat, in downtown Inglewood, California and has built a loyal fan base through her…

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Chef Babette’s Signature Recipe – Vegan Eggless Cups

eggless cups

Chef Babette from vegan restaurant ‘Stuff I Eat’ shares with us her signature recipe of Vegan Eggless Cups   Eggless mix 235ml (1 cup) dairy-free milk 1 tbsp arrowroot powder 2 tbsp garbanzo flour 1 heaping tbsp turmeric powder 1 tsp black sea salt 10g (1/4 cup) nutritional yeast 1 package silken tofu   Veggies…

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Access All Areas – Martin Dingle Wall

Access All Areas - Martin Dingle Wall 8

Photographer Maria Slough catches up with Australian-born, LA-based actor Martin Dingle Wall   “Time is elastic,” Marty says and smiles. Ten years have passed since our paths last crossed, since we had shared time talking love, life and all things animals. When we last met we were, as now, both passionate about our work —…

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Stephen Balfour on the Power of Positive Feedback

positive feedback

Stephen Balfour muses on different kinds of advocacy and the importance of providing positive feedback in the vegan community   In the dim and distant past I spent a few summers driving a taxi on Nantucket Island in the USA. If you’ve never heard of Nantucket, the Island was inspiration for the book Moby Dick…

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Vegan Comic Shappi Korsandi On I’m A Celebrity

Vegan Comic Shappi Korsandi On I’m A Celebrity 10

Comic Shappi Korsandi has come out as vegan less than a month before she is due to head to the Jungle for I’m a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here. The popular ITV TV programme has been condemned by animal welfare activists in the past as contestants are regularly asked to eat animal products –…

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