2018 dubbed the ‘year veganism went mainstream’ by national newspaper

An article published in the Evening Standard has announced 2018 as the ‘year that veganism went mainstream’. The piece, written by journalist Selene Nelson talks about how to have a vegan-friendly Christmas, and the progression of the movement.

Nelson writes: “This has been the year that veganism went mainstream. From dedicated vegan aisles in supermarkets to veggie burgers that look and taste eerily like the real thing, the plant-based movement has never been more prevalent – and as a vegan, I couldn’t be happier.”

Nelson made headlines in November, following an email exchange with the now ex-editor of Waitrose Food Magazine, William Sitwell. She exposed his comments on ‘killing vegans’ when she suggested a new series of articles run in the magazine about vegan lifestyles. Sitwell resigned following the ordeal.

It’s easy to see why 2018 has been the year where veganism has seen the lifestyle boom. Increased awareness of animal agriculture, and the continued  work to expose the realities of the industry has led to more people making more ethical choices.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on the state of the environment and the contribution of livestock farming to the high levels of greenhouse gases has also made many people re-evaluate their dietary and lifestyle choices.

More brands and retailers have launched their own-brand products whilst adding other companies to their ranges, as a result of increased demand from consumers. Notably, the Wicked Kitchen range was one of the biggest vegan launches of 2018, selling more than two million meals.


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