Michael Gove announces new bill that will punish animal abusers

Michael Gove announces new bill that will punish animal abusers 1

The Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill aims to prevent animal suffering   The environment secretary, Michael Gove, has released news of a new bill that will mean stricter prison sentences for the worst instances of animal abuse.   Not only will it help to protect companion animals who are neglected and made to suffer, but farmed…

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The Medical Research Council plan to close GM mouse lab

GM mouse lab closed

Plans to close Harwell Institute’s Mouse Genetics Unit in Oxford are welcomed by The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) and vegans nationwide   The Medical Research Council is planning to close Harwell’s GM mouse lab. This is reported to result from “the changing scientific landscape”, and follows the recent closure of Wellcome Sanger Institute’s animal research…

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Ireland ready to ban fur farming

Ireland ban fur farming

Finally, Ireland’s government have approved a phased ban on fur farming   Agriculture minister, Michael Creed, has announced that they will bring an end to the farming of 150,000 mink, on Ireland’s three remaining fur farms.   The news has been welcomed by animal campaigners, who have long been calling for a ban.   In…

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Vegan Life chats to artist and animal advocate, Vita Sleigh

Vegan Art

Artist Vita Sleigh explores how animal rights advocacy is inseparable from other social justice issues   I was lucky enough to be raised vegan. I always had a strong connection and empathy for animals, and my veganism was very special and important to me.   As I got older, I found that my views on…

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Make Gardening For Wildlife Second Nature

Make Gardening For Wildlife Second Nature 2

Alice Whitehead helps you make your garden a home for our beloved native wildlife With spring firmly in our step, it’s easy to get carried away trimming edges, weeding out the unwanted (both plants and pests) and making lawns Wimbledon-ready. But, this year, don’t be tempted to tame your plot or patch too much –…

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The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare

The Truth About British Pork and Animal Welfare 5

Millions of pounds are being spent on marketing campaigns to sell more pork in Britain, but the price paid by pigs is immeasurable At the end of April, new adverts for pork will hit our television screens, showing us all how easy it is to cook and prepare pulled pork in our own kitchens. This…

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Hay Fever

Hay Fever 7

A vegan guide to remedies and prevention Hay fever is a common allergic condition that affects as many as one in five of us. For some the symptoms are mild, while for others they can be utterly dreadful, almost ruling out the possibility of venturing outdoors at certain times of the year. The basic symptoms…

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Cornish New Potato and Spiced Vegetable Traybake

Cornish New Potato and Spiced Vegetable Traybake 8

This healthy traybake is simple to make and super healthy. The spices can be adjusted to suit your individual taste. Serves 4 Ingredients 750g small Cornish New Potatoes 1 aubergine, diced 200g button mushrooms 1 red onion, diced 2 garlic cloves, sliced ½ tsp coriander seed ½ tsp cumin seed 1 tsp turmeric 1 tsp…

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Turmeric Cornish New Potato and Quinoa Power Bowl

Turmeric Cornish New Potato and Quinoa Power Bowl 10

Serves 1 Ingredients 200g Cornish New potatoes 400gchickpeas 2 tsp turmeric 1 tsp paprika 1 tbsp coconut oil 80g cooked quinoa 100g kale ½ tbsp olive oil 1 avocado 3 radishes Sprinkle of sesame seeds Salt and pepper Method Preheat oven to 200oC/400F/Gas 6. Put the coconut oil on a baking tray and place in…

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Famous faces beg for an end to China’s Yulin dog meat festival

End Yulin Dog meat festival

Today marks the first day of horrific Yulin   As China’s cruel Yulin dog meat festival kicks off, actress Dame Judi Dench, and violinist Vanessa-Mae send out heart-felt messages of support for activists campaigning to bring an end to the festival.   The annual event, which sees thousands of dogs, as well as cats, beaten…

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DJ BBQ’s Teriyaki Burger with Spring Onions

DJ BBQ’s Teriyaki Burger with Spring Onions

Break the rules with these epic sweet and tangy burgers from The Meatless Farm Co. Makes 4 Burgers: 2 packs Meatless Farm burgers (4)  3 spring onions finely chopped  Cheese (optional) Teriyaki sauce  70ml light soy sauce 1 thumb ginger finely diced  2 tbsp rice wine vinegar  1 tbsp corn flour  85g soft brown sugar…

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