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2022's Ultimate Vegan Guide to Beauty for Men

Everyone needs to take care of themselves; this guide aims to show men how to in 2022 and beyond

Beauty for men is often a tricky topic, and there’s, sadly, still some secrecy and embarrassment surrounding it. But the times, they are changing. It’s becoming far more widely accepted and even expected for men to allow themselves the freedom to maintain a healthy self-care routine. Part of this self-care routine is the ability to beautify yourself, regardless of your gender or what gender you identify with.


The relaxing of gender norms and gender normative associated behavior has had a huge part to play in the role of men now having the ability to do what makes them comfortable. Men, as a group, are finally allowed to find a balance between their masculine and feminine qualities and break the norms of what’s previously confined them to their gender-specific practices.


Men’s beauty is becoming a booming industry, with so much to offer. It’s estimated that by 2022, the men’s personal care market will hit $166 million. The vegan beauty industry is booming, too. There are now plenty of good quality vegan products on the market for men.


If you need a helping hand to jump on the vegan men’s beauty bandwagon, we’re here to help. Take a look at how you can ramp up your beauty routine in 2022 to look and feel your best.



Formulating a healthy skin-care routine is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in terms of self-care. The ritual is something to celebrate and enjoy. And if you’re doing it properly and using high-quality vegan (and hopefully organic) products, then your skin will show it.


Finding yourself the right product to suit your skin is vital. Most men have thicker skin than women, and they naturally produce more oil too. Whether you have oily or sensitive skin, find the products that support your individual skincare needs.


beauty for men


Here’s what you should be doing when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night:

Cleanse: removing the sweat, dirt, and oil build up from the day, or a night of sleep, is of utmost importance. When build-up gets left on your skin, it creates enlarged pores, pimples, uneven skin tone and blackheads. Find a vegan cleanser that is ideal for your skin-type and never miss a wash!

Tone: toning your skin is often something that most men forget to do, and it shows. A good quality toner tightens the skin, reduces inflammation and puffiness, and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Toning goes before cleansing and moisturising, so don’t miss this step.

Moisturise: we cannot stress the importance of moisturising enough! If your skin is left dry and cracked after a long day’s work, a hard and sweaty work-out, or if you suffer with dry skin in general, it can throw your skin’s PH out of whack really fast. Again, finding an ethical and vegan product that suits your skin-type is the way to go.

Eye-rollers: a huge trend that’s set to explode in 2022 is the use of face and under eye rollers for men. There are different types for different requirements. But overall, they are amazing for reducing puffiness, swelling, dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes. Just make sure you check the ingredients, as some of these rollers are pumped full of chemicals that achieve the desired outcome. But at what long term cost to your skin? There are natural, chemical-free, and vegan brands that have rollers to suit all needs — so do your research and pick one that’s good for you and the planet.



Getting your haircare routine down is also super important. Remember that eyebrows are part of your haircare routine gentlemen!


Keeping the top of your brows finely and gently trimmed can create a neat and efficient looking style and shape. There are plenty of YouTube tutorials for men on how to shape and trim your brows at home. But, if you are too nervous to do any brow-care by yourself, you can ask your barber to neaten them up for you after your next haircut.


Once your brows are under control it’s time to talk about hair.


Find a nourishing, organic, moisturising, vegan shampoo to keep your hair looking fresh and clean for as much of the day as possible. If your hair needs a little TLC there are plenty of vegan hair masks you can try too.



2022 for men’s hair is going to be hyper focused on cleanliness, neatness, and fashion-forward asymmetrical lines. Fades are in and the spiky texture is back. Tapered cuts with tidy faded under-cuts are making a comeback, but this time with a focus on neat, clean lines and impeccable handiwork. Find yourself a barber to rival all barbers to keep your hair looking fresh.


Here’s a little tip to keep in mind, find yourself a barber who uses vegan products. Some of the standard waxes and hair care products for men often used by hairdressers and barbers are animal product-based. Vegan barbers may be in short supply right now in your area, but are definitely the way of the future.


If you can’t find a barber who uses vegan products, then respectfully refuse the styling at the end of your cut. Or bring your own vegan hair styling product along and request that the barber uses that on your hair instead. The same thing applies to any shampoo, conditioner, or hair treatment they may possibly use. If you feel uncomfortable with the potential ethics and ingredients of their products, just take your own.


Beard Care

Shaving and beard care is hot right now, but it should always be! The trend currently seems to be moving towards clean-shaven faces and extremely neat hair and beard lines. The world of male grooming is on the rise, and there are more products for beard care available than ever before.


If you’re clean shaven and keeping it that way, why not invest in a tiny razor to use to neaten up your hair and beard lines each morning? Clean, neat, tidy and well cared for faces and beards are set to be the popular trend for 2022.


If you’re a beard guy and proud of your epic organic soup-strainer, then finding a nourishing vegan beard oil is the way to go. Keeping your beard moisturised, neatly trimmed and styled, clean, and smelling awesome is a no-brainer for next year.


Put On Your Best Face

Men's beauty has come a long way, and it continues to evolve. 2022 looks set to be an exciting year for the industry, and for men who want to look good.


Looking after yourself is the key to good mental and physical health. And whether that means getting a great haircut or taking supplements to give your body, hair, and skin a boost, it’s all important in today’s crazy world.


The verdict’s in. Feeling beautiful has no gender!


By Lara Garcia


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