41% of Women in Ireland Ditching Dairy

According to new data released by Ireland’s National Dairy Council, 41 per cent of women in Ireland and 30 per cent of men are ditching dairy or avoiding it where possible. Dairy in Ireland has seen a drop in sales, with the participants of the survey having a range of reasons for removing dairy from their diets.

One in ten of the participants thought that diary is unhealthy, with women being most concerned about the negative effects of dairy on health, with links between dairy and breast cancer. Other health concerns associated with dairy include allergies, digestive problems, weight gain and acne.

Feminism has been associated as one of the reasons that are linked to reduced dairy consumption. The ethics of the dairy industry resonate with many people of the cycle of cows being pregnant and having their calves taken away so the milk is used for human consumption. This cycle continues for an average of five years, with the cow then sent to slaughter once her purpose of producing milk cannot be fulfilled. It is believed that some women find this particularly hard to comprehend, hence the higher percentage of women reducing their dairy intake.

The dairy industry made efforts to dispel myths about the welfare of animals and their industry in February with ‘#Februdairy’, which was not as successful as they hoped it would be. Now we are in March, the discussion around ‘Februdairy’ continues with the remaining top tweets about the topic being pro-vegan and anti-dairy, which has been the case throughout the month.


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