fabulous accessories

Fabulous accessories for jazzing up any outfit

Handbag lovers, jewellery devotees and hat enthusiasts look no further for the accessories of your vegan dreams. By Victoria Featherstone Pearce

Fashion fans will know that some good accessories can take your outfit from 'okay' to 'vogue' in no time. However, finding vegan-friendly items can be difficult. To give you a helping hand, I have rounded up five beautifully ethical and sustainable luxury accessories that will amp up your look and take your outfit to the next level. I can guarantee you'll want to wear these stunning items again and again.

fabulous accessories

Victoria Grace Silversmith
Recycled sliver vegan statement necklace
£85, victoriagracesilversmith.com
Say it proudly, with this beautiful, statement piece of jewellery by Victoria Grace. I absolutely love this gorgeous necklace that will no doubt start the vegan conversation wherever it's worn.

All Victoria Grace designs are handmade and crafted by Victoria herself. Each piece is rare, unique and lovingly made to high quality - offering a real escape from mass-production and fast fashion. It's also highly refreshing to know that if you have any issue, Victoria Grace will resolve it for you, as happy customers are the most important aspect to her business.

Also guaranteed is the use of recycled gold, silver and gemstones in all Victoria's designs making these truly unique pieces. Even better - all Victoria Grace Silversmith jewellery comes with a mini cleaning kit: an impregnated cloth for cleaning either silver or gold, and a buffing cloth, along with instructions for cleaning and a bag to store cloths or jewellery. It also arrives in a beautiful grey box embossed with the VGS logo, tied with a ribbon and ready for gifting.

fabulous accessories

Hurtig Lane  
The Moderna Vegan Watch
£96, hurtiglane.com
Always keep an eye on the time, with PETA fashion award winner Hurtig Lane and their range of vegan watches for all animal-loving fashionistas.

Hurtig Lane's watches are super stylish and versatile. It's so easy to clip and release pins, so that you can alternate the straps with ease when you want to change your look without needing to use a tool. All straps are available with rose gold, gold, silver or black buckles to perfectly complement your cruelty-free watch and match your outfit, too. The Moderna was designed for the fashion-conscious minimalist - elegant and sophisticated, yet highly fashionable, it can be worn in any setting, with any outfit on any occasion.

At Hurtig Lane, they believe that in order to be truly ethical, not only should all of their materials be vegan but the entire process from production to packaging should be as kind as possible. All their watch straps are vegan and made from recycled materials and all packaging is made from recycled cardboard. The vegan 'leather' is made using polyurethane (PU), which is completely breathable so your skin can breathe easy when you are wearing your watch. PU is also far less toxic to produce than PVC and is therefore much more environmentally friendly.

I absolutely love my Hurtig Lane watches, not only are they sustainable and stylish they are ethical and kind too, that's my kind of time-keeper.

Cork 'Love Train' Hat in Aqua/Silver
£75, fabrikk.co.uk
Fabrikk have revived the 1960s style Train Hat in new cruelty-free cork tree bark. The pattern is over 100 years old but has been brought up-to-date and made with the latest in material technology.

I was totally blown away when I received my Fabrikk hat. The quality and design are so unique and eye catching and let's not forget to mention the softness of the cork. It is SO soft to touch that everyone will find it hard to believe it is indeed cork and not leather.

All Fabrikk cork 'leathers' are ethically and sustainably sourced from Portugal and Italy, and then each unique hat is skillfully handcrafted in Liverpool.

fabulous accessories

I have a feeling that once you purchase one hat from Fabrikk, you will be back again and again for more of these head turning, stylish items.

fabulous accessories

Minu - Hand Painted Persian Print Neck Scarf
£50, sarvin.co.uk
Upgrade any look, with this stunning neck scarf made from a sustainable, vegan silk-like fabric. Hand-drawn paintings from famous Persian artist, Ali Fani Salek, feature printed over eco-friendly materials.

Luxurious yet sustainable, Sarvin's latest collection is made from recycled cotton linters - a waste product from the textile industry. The process used to produce the fibre is 'closed-loop', which means the chemicals used can be extracted after and reused.

The fabric is known for its silk-like properties being incredibly soft, and its temperature adaptable. Sarvin also offer one-of-a-kind dresses, too, but it was this scarf that initially caught my eye.

Classic and fuss-free, these scarves are secured simply by slipping the end of the scarf through the keyhole at the opposite end. Très chic in an instant.

Bum Bag
£59.95, myzellie.com
The ultra-handy and versatile bum bag (or fanny pack, as they call it Stateside) has always been a favourite with me. This is the bag for every day out-and-about; roomy but compact and easily accessible. It features a spacious main compartment for larger items like keys, sunglasses, wipes, wallet, notebook and more. It's versatile, too, with options to wear cross-body, as a shoulder slouch or around waist.

fabulous accessories

Personally, I like to wear mine around my waist.

All high-end bag brands are offering the bum bag nowadays, some at 10 times the price of Myzellie and certainly not using vegan glues and threads. Another reason to purchase conscious fashion - there's no hidden nasties within your item to worry about.

fabulous accessories

Words by vegan writer, animal rights advocate and K9 Angels Charity founder, Victoria Featherstone Pearce.
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