Last night, we were invited along to the press launch of the UK’s first ‘bleeding burger. The US may have been at the ‘bleeding’ game for a while with brands Beyond Meat and The Impossible Burger changing perceptions about the potential for vegan food across the States, but this side of the Atlantic, we’ve been a little slower catching up.

That’s all changed now, though. With innovative brand Moving Mountains making the leap of faith to provide hungry vegans with a burger that replicates meat in every way. And the great thing is that no animals were harmed to make it!

Here are 5 things that we learnt about the ‘bleeding’ burger at the launch last night: 


5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger 1

  1. All meat, no veg

Okay, so not strictly true, but this burger is MEAT-Y. So listen up former meat lovers (or even current meat eaters) because this one is for you. This is unlike any vegan burgers you have probably eaten so far because it is actually designed to replicate meat. It’s juicy, dense and really substantial but it’s made entirely from plants.


  1. 5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger 2It’s healthy

We hear you healthy vegans: processed food isn’t for you and that’s okay. But if you are worried about what is going into this burger, then you needn’t be, because it’s quite simply just all of your regular veg ingredients that you would usually eat, except they’ve been smooshed together into a super meat-y patty.  (Did we mention how meat-y it is?!)


5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger 3

  1. It’s been a while in the making

It’s easy to become cynical every time a new vegan product launches, because with veganism becoming so huge in recent times, it feels like every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to cash in on the very valuable vegan pound. But, this product has been in development since April 2015, so it’s been a while in the making. The makers were keen to wait until they’d really nailed the recipe, and we think the wait has paid off!

5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger 4

  1. You may know the minds behind it

This is something of a strange one. But, the great minds that have been hard at work for almost three years, producing this exciting new product, are not new to the vegan scene. They are actually the same people that brought you your range of vegan, cruelty-free cleaning products: Ecozone. Not the most obvious of career moves, but we’re glad they did it nonetheless!

5 things we learnt about the UK’s first ‘bleeding’ burger 5

    1. There are big plans for this burger

For now, you can only expect to find the B12 Burger in London at much-loved meat-free restaurant chain Mildreds, in the Dalston branch. However, plans are already afoot to see this ‘bleeding’ burger rolled out to restaurants all over the country. So keep your eyes peeled on your local burger restaurant menu, because they may be serving plant based meat sooner than you expect.




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