Over 50% of Vegans Would Try Lab-Grown Meat

A new survey has found that over half of vegans would be willing to try lab-grown meat. The survey looked at different diets — vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or omnivore — and found that nearly 60 per cent of vegans said that they would try lab-grown meat, the largest ‘yes’ response of any group.

The survey conducted by Surveygoo took answers from over 1,000 respondents. The largest demographic that said that they wouldn’t try lab-grown meat were pescatarians.

Respondents of the survey were told that cultured meat was real meat grown from cells in a lab and not sourced from animals that were required to be slaughtered for the product. They were asked if they would be willing to try it if the product was available in the shops and restaurants.

Speaking to FoodIngredientsFirst, Richard Clarke, the founder and managing director of Ingredient Communications said: “Meat consumption, in particular, is in the spotlight. People are asking themselves whether eating meat is the right thing to do in terms of health, animal welfare and sustainability.

“Many in the food industry see lab-grown meat as a way to address these doubts. That’s all very well, but we wanted to know what people really thought about the prospect of eating it. Our survey was designed to gauge just how ready consumers are to do so.”

Clarke added: “There’s an enormous amount of interest in the potential of cultured meat. The industry remains embryonic but is attracting significant investment.”

You can read more about lab-grown meat in our current issue of Vegan Life. What do you think? Would you try lab-grown meat?



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