9 of the Best Natural Vegan Lipsticks

Written by Marie Hamm

Free from toxic chemicals and animal ingredients, these organic, vegan lipsticks are the purest around. Consumers today are increasingly concerned with what they put on their skin, especially their lips.  You are what you eat, and research suggests that the average woman ingests at least 4lbs of lipstick over a lifetime.

Alarmingly, the following ingredients are commonly found in conventional lipsticks and other cosmetics and are all linked to cancer, as well as many other health problems such as endocrine and hormone disruption, reproductive problems, brain and nervous system damage, asthma and skin reactions:

  • Parabens (e.g. methylparaben and propylparaben)
  • Retinyl Palmitate (a form of vitamin A which may be particularly dangerous for pregnant women)
  • Tocopheryl Acetate
  • Dyes such as D&C Red 22 Aluminum Lake
  • Artificial Fragrance or Parfum (which can be made up of hundreds of chemicals that do not have to be listed on the label)
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)
  • Lead and other heavy metals (these will not be listed, but often contaminate other ingredients)
  • Coal tar

It is unsurprising therefore, that many people now prefer to use natural lipsticks rather than ones packed full of toxic chemicals.  However, the problems do not stop there.  Many natural and conventional lipsticks use carmine (often listed as Cl 75470) to make red and pink colours.  Carmine is made by crushing cochineal insects, and a staggering 70,000 insects are needed to make just 1lb of red dye.

Luckily today it is now easy to avoid a toxic pout. There are now many brands that make 100% natural, organic, cruelty-free, vegan lipsticks that are free from toxic chemicals and animal ingredients.  I have listed nine of them for you below:



‘Purity and luxury’ lie at the heart of this brand that boasts a huge range of vibrant, long-lasting colours, from bright red, through pinks and corals, to even blue and black.  The lipsticks are made from just 10 all-natural ingredients that you can find in your kitchen.


100% PURE

100% PURE’s mission is to create the healthiest, purest, result-driven products.  Their makeup is coloured using only fruit and other plant pigments. Their premium, moisturising lipsticks come in a matte, semi-matte or shiny finish, in a range of strong bright colours.



INIKA is the most highly certified organic makeup brand in the world.  Made in Australia, sold in over 25 countries and winning more than 35 international awards for product excellence and innovation, INIKA proves that flawless performance can be achieved without toxic chemicals.  They brought us the world’s first ever certified organic, vegan lipsticks.  Vibrant, long-lasting colours and new matte shades that are nourishing and hydrating, make up this world-renowned collection.




‘Makeup not madness’ is the message Lippy Girl represents, and their amazing lipsticks prove that chemicals, animal ingredients and animal testing are not needed in high-quality cosmetics.  Their lipsticks are made with organic and wild crafted oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments.



This is a British family business with a mission to provide the purest and most effective beauty products you can find.  Their list of eco-credentials is impressively long and an amazing 20% of their profits go to charity.  Made with anti-ageing oils and rich organic butters, their lipsticks are creamy and long-lasting.



‘Tested on sisters not animals’ these luxury vegan lipsticks are made in Australia with sensitive skin in mind.  The lipsticks have a lovely, natural fragrance, nourishing formulas and natural pigments.



Zao use bamboo in their formulations due to its high silica level.  Due to its sustainability they also use bamboo to make their product casings and packaging.  Their lipsticks come in a matte or pearl finish and are refillable.  Each lipstick comes with a pretty cotton pouch to protect the reusable bamboo casing. They also make a lipstick palette.



Used by makeup artists all over the world, HIRO uses only the purest, highest-quality ingredients that improve the health of your skin.  Their bold, creamy lipsticks are long wearing and come in 9 shades.


NUI Cosmetics are made in Berlin and were born from the search for a bright red vegan lipstick.  High quality, stylish and modern, their lipsticks have nourishing formulas based on a combination of organic oils and natural butters.  They have lasting hold and colour brilliance.


Author Bio: Marie Hamm is a freelance writer and blogger, environmentalist, long term vegan and mum of two.


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