9 Ethical Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

9 Ethical Vegan Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

Megan d’Ardenne shares her favourite ethical vegan gift ideas for Christmas


With increasing anguish over the state of the planet, choosing more ethical and sustainable options has become increasingly popular in recent years. The small choices we make as consumers every day can make a big impact on the planet and our community. Supporting brands that give conscious weight to sustainability can help us meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same.


Shopping ethically can be tough at the best times, never mind with the pressure and rush around Christmas. This year’s holiday season is more unusual than any ever, due to the pandemic, and, as a result, it has never been more important to support sustainable brands at Christmas.


All the gifts listed in this guide are available online, so that you can do all your shopping from home! Plus, if you’re unable to see friends and families face-to-face due to restrictions, you can send the gift right to their door.


This gift guide brings together a selection of sustainable gifts from brands that are doing their bit – from ethical standards of production and transparency in the supply chain, to using eco-friendly materials and minimising waste. The guide is jam-packed with fun, unique and practical gift ideas for anyone who is interested in a healthy, eco-friendly vegan lifestyle. From luxury star gifts, to food to beauty and even experiential gifts, there is something for everyone in this guide!





Votch is a cruelty-free and vegan watch company based in the UK – they strive to create products that inflict no harm to animals and as little damage to the environment as possible.


The material used in their straps is a natural vegan-leather alternative made from fibres extracted from pineapple leaves, a by-product from the pineapple harvest.


In addition, Votch give 10 per cent of their profits to a partner charity, which changes every three months. This season, Votch are supporting Hopefield Animal Sanctuary – an amazing grassroots animal charity based in Essex.


Votch’s unisex watches come in a variety of sizes, styles and colours and have interchangeable straps so you can that you can get a new cruelty-free look without having to buy a new watch face. A Votch will make a wonderful gift as they come gift-wrapped in recyclable materials with low environmental impact.


Prices from £85
Buy Votch here.





Veja is a French shoe company that has been striving to make shoe production more ethical and eco-friendly since its inception 14 years ago.


They employ ethical footing at every stage of the business: from sourcing and the production cycle, right through to packaging, distribution and even the energy the company’s French headquarters use (ENERCOOP (a cooperative of green electricity), rather than EDF, the French national nuclear supplier).


Whilst not a fully vegan company, they have a massive range of shoes that are suitable for vegans and which will make a great Christmas present for a loved one.


Veja’s shoes are made using raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture that the founders say avoids chemicals and polluting processes.


Veja have a variety of styles available for men, women, children and have recently launched the world’s first post-petroleum running shoe, which will be the perfect gift for your fitness loving friends.


Prices from £90
Buy Veja here.


Moara Premium Cork Yoga Mat



Moara’s Premium Cork Yoga Mat is the perfect choice for yogis who want to fully embrace sustainability, while pursuing their physical and spiritual journeys.


Made with cork and natural rubber, the mat is 100 per cent biodegradable and designed to simultaneously evoke and protect nature without compromising on performance and durability.


Every mat comes packed in a fully recyclable tube with minimal waste, making it the perfect gift for an eco-minded yogi.


The company is also a Work For Good partner, meaning that for every sale they donate to a charity fighting an environmental cause. Currently, they are supporting Plastic Oceans UK to reduce sea pollution.


Price: £57
Buy a Moara mat here.


UpCircle ‘Chai-Lent Night’ Bundle



In recent years, the beauty industry has seen a dramatic rise of natural, vegan and cruelty-free products and brands, but UpCircle take this one step and are pioneers of circular/ by-product beauty.


Every product in their range sources and rescues by-products from other industries that would otherwise be discarded. UpCircle remakes these materials into natural, organic beauty products.


Their ‘Chai-Lent Night’ bundle gift includes their chai candle, soap and syrup, which are all made from repurposed chai tea spices, and smell like festive chai latte! All three products are certified organic, vegan, palm oil-free, sustainable and cruelty-free.


Price: £19.99
Buy UpCircle here.



More Plants Less Waste, cookbook by Max La Manna



Max La Manna, zero-waste chef and climate activist, bridges the gap between vegan food and waste-free cooking.


Max’s book is filled with plant-based recipes and zero-waste life hacks. The book features over 80 of Max’s tasty vegan dishes which utilise simple, accessible ingredients that celebrate the power of plants and wholefoods at their best.


Price: £20
Buy here.


Doisy and Dam Christmas Mix


ethical vegan gift ideas


A Christmas tree filled with 10 snack packs of Doisy and Dam’s bestselling vegan chocolate Ballers, D&Ds and buttons.


All tasty vegan treats included are made from Doisy and Dam’s single-origin 70 per cent dark chocolate that is palm-free and made from sustainably sourced cocoa.


Price: £10
Buy here.


Booja Booja Chocolate Truffle Selection



They say chocolate is the food of love. So, what better way to make a loved one happy this Christmas, than by gifting this selection of sixteen multi award-winning chocolate truffles made with the finest organic ingredients?


Silky smooth, vegan and Fairtrade, Booja Booja’s choccies come in six indulgent flavours and are sure to be gone by Boxing Day.


Price: £9.99
Buy here.





Say ‘pasta la vista’ to soggy paper straws and ocean-polluting plastic. Stroodles are made from wheat and water, are flavourless and ideal for cold drinks. After use, they can even be boiled and eaten like pasta!


Price: £2.99
Buy here.




Linen Vegetable Bags



Empower your loved ones to be a supermarket eco-hero by gifting them a zero-waste and 100 per cent unbleached vegetable bag.


These reusable produce bags are not only sustainable and biodegradable, but actually keep fruit and veg fresh for longer than the single use plastic bags that stores supply.


The natural fibres allow the air to circulate around your food, allowing it to breathe naturally.


Price: £11.50
Buy here.


Words by Megan d’Ardenne,  lovedbymegan.com,@lovedbymegan





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