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Welcome to Vegan Life, the magazine written by vegans for vegans. A truly cruelty-free life is more than just the food you eat, so while you'll find plenty of amazing vegan food here, we also highlight inspirational vegan activists, environmental issues, and vegan lifestyle tips and advice in hundreds of articles from the UK's best-loved vegan magazine.

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What is the best vegan cheese on the market?

What Is The Best Vegan Cheese? Alice from Earthly Delights Shares Her Ultimate Vegan Cheese Round-Up   Cheese is such a popular food, and we’re...

A Vegan's Guide To Freshers

A Vegan's Guide To Freshers Thinking of going to Uni next year? A plant-based student shares her guide to surviving Freshers as a vegan By...

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Do you want your potted herbs to stop dying on you? Do you want to find out what do with plants and weeds found in your garden? Listen up as we have three garden experts this week to share their secrets on how to grow your own vegan paradise.

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Older Vegans In Care Settings Are Being Fed Meat

older vegans

Vegan dog food brand teams up with plant-based football team

vegan dog food
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rishi kumar nursimloo sports nutrition athletic athlete vegan

Optimising Performance for Vegan Athletes

With more athletes following a vegan diet, Rishi Kumar Nursimloo explains sports nutrition and optimising performance  …

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Your Guide To Transitioning To A Vegan Lifestyle

By Leanne Jenna Know why you’re doing it, but don’t get too attached to that   People…

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Eating For Two

Vegan Mum Emily talks to us about her first vegan pregnancy When I found out I was…

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How to Veganise Milk – Issue 9

We give you a guide for just some of the different ingredients that can be used to…

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vegan diy hair masks

5 vegan DIY hair masks you need to try

Plant-based and cruelty-free haircare brand Vegan Amour share their top DIY hair masks for lucious locks If…

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festive fashion

5 fabulously festive fashion picks

5 fabulously festive fashion picks These stylish pieces are perfect as a Christmas gift for a special…

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autumn essentials

5 amazing autumn essentials

5 autumn essentials 5 Autumn Essentials – Sensational style picks to see you through the season –…

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The Beauty edit – September 2021

The vegan products you need on your radar this month Esse Zao The Body Shop Georganics Suneeta…

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