A vegan cooking show is coming to the BBC

Vegan’s can rejoice as finally, a fully plant-based cooking show will cater for their tastes and values


For the first time ever, the BBC is launching a new vegan cookery show, which will be presented by former Dirty Sanchez star, and well-known vegan, Matthew Pritchard.


The show will be called The Dirty Vegan, and will be aired on BBC Wales in January, and on BBC 2, in spring.


Pritchard said to The Sun: “If someone had told me 20 years ago I would have a vegan cookery show, I would have laughed all the way to my grave. But life takes you in strange directions – and I’m hoping Dolph Lundgren [a famous actor, who he once pranked] will have one of my vegan sausages.”


In recent months, the BBC has been broadcasting an increasing amount of animal and vegan-interest content. Last summer, the broadcasting company showed The Dark Side of Dairy, a documentary looking into the milk industry.


Following the success of the documentary, it went on to publish a profile on Ethan Brown, the founder of popular vegan brand, Beyond Meat.The BBC later hosted a debate  about veganism on  its Politics Live program.


The Dirty Vegan comes at a fantastic time; with it’s release in Wales set to tie in with Veganuary, the cookery show is sure to inspire non-vegans and vegans alike.




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