Welcome to Vegan Life magazine, where living a vegan life really is central to everything we do, say and aim for.

Since our launch back in 2014, we have become the UK’s favourite vegan monthly publication, showcasing inspiring and nurturing content written by vegans, for vegans and the vegan curious.

Our pages cover more than a meat and dairy-free diet, encompassing everything from food, health and nutrition through to sustainable fashion, art, environmentalism and activism. Winner of Vegfest UK’s Best Vegan Magazine for five years running, our readership now spans much of the world, from America to Australia, and most countries in between.

This global audience extends from ‘old school’ vegans who came before the shops stocked oat milk, to newbie vegans just starting out on their journey, and those with an interest in any areas related to veganism, such as cooking plant-based food, animal activism, or just how to live a more compassionate life.

We present all topics in a simple, accessible, easy-to-read way, so that everyone can understand, and when sharing more sensitive animal rights issues, we do so in a delicate manner that does not cause upset to you, our readers.

Food is central to the mag, showcasing the best vegan cooks around, and covering everything from super-indulgent baking to raw food ideas, as well as tips for veganising recipes.

With an ever-increasing world population, sustainable food production means more than simply expanding the current food supply – change is needed. In every issue, Vegan Life aims to encompass social, economic, ecological and political considerations to assist in bringing about a change in attitudes by encouraging the adoption of a plant-based diet by bringing vegan into vogue.


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