Adoption is the Only Option – Ten Reasons to Adopt

Vegan Life gives you ten great reasons why you should adopt a companion dog before you consider buying a puppy


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Companionship with an animal is a strong, sacred bond and the special relationship which exists between human and dog is a rewarding and gratifying one; adoption can change your life, as well as theirs, forever.

If you are wondering if adoption could be the option for you, we have come up with ten great reasons to adopt.


You Can Save a Life
With 250,000 animals arriving in rescue centres each year, there is clearly a problem in the UK. By choosing to adopt your companion dog rather than buy, you are giving a home to a dog which has been discarded. You can give yourself double brownies points for freeing up a space in a rehoming centre for another dog.


Your Purse Will Feel a Bit Weightier
Puppies from farms can cost thousands of pounds whereas when you adopt your furry friend from a rehoming centre you only pay a fee which covers the cost of caring for the dog. This often includes microchipping, vaccinations and any veterinary care.


Fight Cruelty
Puppy farms are too horrific to imagine and by choosing to adopt, you are reducing demand and cutting off the business of this vile industry.


Feel Good Factor
Clearly, dogs can improve your physical health (by dragging you around misty fields at 5am) but studies have shown that companionship can also help your mental health. This is true of all dogs, even those from puppy farms. However, by adopting you can bask, guilt-free, in the wonderful self-gratification of a good deed.


No Early Morning Surprises
Dogs from rescue centres tend to be trained in basic commands and are often potty-trained — no bleary-eyed surprises when you walk into your kitchen barefoot. Not only does this save you a considerable amount of stress trying to train your pooch, but your vocal chords will thank you for not screaming your companion’s name across the park for hours and hours each evening.


Decisions, Decisions…
The staggering number of dogs in rehoming centres in the UK means that you can choose the right breed, size, personality and age to suit your needs. Although, frankly, all dogs deserve homes equally.


Holiday Anyone?
There are more than 30 charities working to bring dogs who are suffering from neglect and abuse to the UK to find adoptive parents. Romania, Spain, Greece, Serbia and France are all struggling to keep their stray dog numbers under control and therefore a growing number of people are choosing to adopt their companions from abroad. Besides, adopting a dog from another country gives you the excuse you needed to learn that language you’ve been talking about for the last ten years.


The Leader of the Pack
By adopting you, and your companion, are becoming advocates for adoption of dogs. The more people who choose to adopt their companion, instead of buying, the better, so spread the word when you adopt and encourage others to do the same.


You’ll Get Just the Same Amount of Love
There is an unjustified negative stigma attached to rehomed dogs. People are often wary of adopting a dog in case it has behaviour or health problems. The truth is that most are simply unlucky and can give (and should receive) the same amount of love as any other dog.


Animals are not Commodities
Sentient beings are not made to be bought and sold. End of.




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