Advertising Standards Authority Confirm Animal Testing as ‘torture’ in Go Vegan World Advert

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has confirmed the information in a Go Vegan World advert about animal testing as ‘torture’. The advert sees a mouse touching a human hand, with the text: “They Trust Us, We Torture Them for Research”.

The ASA agreed with Go Vegan World that there was sufficient evidence for use of the word ‘torture’, following information shared with the ASA. Speaking about the ruling, Sandra Higgins, director of Go Vegan World, said: “Animal experimentation is the stuff of nightmares. We should not support it, any more than we should not support killing other animals for food or any use. Research shows that most people disagree with frivolous experiments that cause harm, but they imagine that the torture of a non-human is justified when it benefits the life of a human.

“Many believe that experiments conducted on animals in the UK are necessary to address life-threatening human conditions; that is not the case. In fact, most experiments are unreliable because the results are not applicable to humans.

“A 2017 analysis by the British Medical Journal cited a “systematic failure” to faithfully report the results of animal tests in order to secure funding and permission for human trials. Even in cases where there is a benefit to humans, we are morally obliged to find alternatives that do not involve using other animals.”

Animal testing and experimentation is exempt from the Freedom of Information act, with the public knowing little about what happens in laboratories. The submission of information from Go Vegan World to the ASA showed that every minute of every day, 7 animals are used for research. Animals used include rodents, fish, birds, dogs, cats, horses and non-human primates.

Methodology used to predict suffering caused by experiments is flawed due to the assessors having a ‘vested interest’ in the experiment, future predictions do not measure suffering during experimentation and psychological aspects of pain are ignored.


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