Alec Baldwin Adopts Thanksgiving Bird to Save it from Dinner Table

Alec Baldwin is taking a break from impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live to be a dad… to a turkey. The actor and father of five is speaking out for the millions of turkeys who are killed each year of Thanksgiving meals. His support is part of Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project.

“Like most people, I don’t like thinking about things that make me feel bad. But I also don’t like animal suffering, so I feel the need to speak out about it. At least 46 million turkeys suffer heart breaking fear and pain before being killed each and every Thanksgiving. This year, I’m supporting Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Turkey Project because turkeys are just as friendly, smart, and full of feeling as my dogs, and they deserve to be treated better. I hope you’ll join me by sponsoring,” Baldwin said in a statement.

Farm Sanctuary is an animal protection organization focused on farm animals with shelters and rehabilitation farms across the country, including Jon and Tracey Stewart’s New Jersey farm. Since 1986, the non-profit has used the Adopt a Turkey Project to raise awareness and compassion for this often abused bird, and to draw attention to the terrible conditions these animals are kept under at some commercial farms.

The Adopt a Turkey Project has saved thousands of turkeys and other animals over its 30 years, and now Farm Sanctuary and Baldwin want your help to save even more. With a one-time donation of $30 to Farm Sanctuary, you will “adopt” a turkey that resides at one of the non-profit’s rescue farms. As part of the adoption process, you will receive a photo of your new bird and an adoption certificate. Your donation will go to help other birds not as fortunate as your new turkey son or daughter.

Marshall here is the lucky turkey who Baldwin himself adopted. The handsome bird is honoured to be linked to Baldwin and even more ecstatic that he gets to help his feathered brethren enjoy a better life.

To learn more about the Adopt a Turkey Project and Farm Sanctuary, visit the non-profit’s website.

Credit: People Pets


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