Alicia Silverstone Supports Cruelty Free International

The actor teamed up with the charity in New York

Silverstone joined Cruelty Free International at the United Nation’s annual High-Level Political Forum yesterday, to discuss bringing an end to animal testing.

A committed vegan and avid animal rights activist, the Clueless star spoke at the meeting, attended by international government representatives and businesses saying:  “I’m delighted to come together with Cruelty Free International to add my voice to the millions already calling for a global end to cosmetics animal testing. I urge the decision-makers gathered here from across the world to play their part in ending the testing of cosmetics on animals globally and for good.”

The event was hosted by Cruelty Free International with the intention of showcasing how partnerships between NGOs, companies, consumers, science, government and the general public can help create a cruelty-free future, with the goal to highlight the importance of global partnerships at the same time as providing a platform for officials, UN member states, business and experts from the world of humane science.

The USA is one of the world’s biggest cosmetics markets, so Silverstone also asked her fellow Americans to contact their senators and representatives, to encourage them to make the US cruelty-free by way of federal law that will stop cosmetics animal testing and the sale of newly tested cosmetics in.

CEO of Cruelty Free International, Michelle Thew, commented: “Cosmetic animal testing is cruel, old-fashioned, expensive and inefficient. Today, there are far more reliable and humane alternatives. Many cruelty-free companies use safe and effective cruelty-free ingredients in all their products. Across the globe, people want this cruel practice to end. It’s fantastic that more countries are passing laws, but it’s time to say goodbye to this outdated practice once and for all. Government, business and consumers working together is the best way to truly eliminate the suffering of animals for cosmetics.”

Consumers can get involved and show their support on social media by using the hashtag #SupportHumaneCosmetics to raise awareness.


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