Almond Pro™ Launches First-ever Almond Protein Powder

Almond Pro™ Launches First-ever Almond Protein Powder – Shakes Up Natural Food, Fitness, and Vegan Market with Innovative Alternative to Unsatisfying and Ultra-Processed Protein Powders

Since launching in late 2015, Almond Pro™ has earned praise from the natural food and fitness industry for its innovative and healthy approach to nutrition. The company’s flagship product – Organic High Protein Almond Flour – contains 65% less fat and 60% more protein than ordinary almond flour, and offers the same degree of versatility in the kitchen. Now Almond Pro™ is adding to its catalogue with the launch of their Almond Protein powder. The protein will launch with two flavours – chocolate and vanilla – and will be available at

Almond Pro™ is a company that’s dedicated to providing high protein almond products to consumers across the globe. We like to think of Almond Pro™ as a brand that promotes innovation. We’ve started this pursuit by becoming the leading distributor and retailer of organise high protein almond flour I the US with future products already in development.

Credit: PR News Wire


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