80% Unaware Animal Agriculture Contributes To Climate Change

A staggering four out of every five British people don’t know that the farming of animals such as cows and sheep is a key contributor to climate change.

This comes according to The Vegan Society, who conducted a survey of 2,000 adults. Only one fifth of those who took part were aware that animal agriculture plays a part in climate change.

That’s not all though; Just eight per cent of those surveyed were aware that livestock farming causes extinction amongst other species, and only 12 per cent knew that rainforest destruction (deforestation) is another negative effect of rearing animals for human consumption.

19 per cent of those involved did indicate that they would consider adopting the vegan lifestyle.

In general, British people tend to be rather switched on when it comes to being environmentally friendly, with 78 per cent of people recycling regularly and 65 per cent turning off lights when they are not being used.


However, it’s clear from the survey that people are, on the whole, unaware of the impact their diet is having on the environment.

The Vegan Society are launching Plate Up for the Planet, their environmental campaign, today (Thursday) — encouraging people to reduce their intake of meat and dairy in order to save the planet from exhaustion.

Head of Campaigns and Policy for the charity, Louise Davies, said: “We’re always told to change our light bulbs, cycle to work or take shorter showers but the huge carbon footprint of animal agriculture is largely ignored when it comes to fighting climate change.

“The Vegan Society wants to address this pressing issue with our Plate Up for the Planet campaign which encourages people to think differently about what they eat and how it impacts our planet.

“Going vegan is one of the most significant things an individual can do to help combat climate change and protect our natural world – why not give it a try?”


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