Animal Agriculture is Killing Native Animals in South America

A new report has found that animal agriculture is killing native animals in South America. The report titled The Avoidable Crisis, found that in the Gran Chaco area that is home to wild animals such as jaguars, screaming hairy armadillo and giant anteater, the land is extensively being cleared for soy farming that will be used as feed for animals.

Cargill and Bunge are the suppliers in question, with clients such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Walmart. The report has been put together by Mighty Earth, Rainforest Foundation Norway and Fern, who connected the meat and dairy industry to the mass deforestation across South America.

Mighty Earth policy director, Anahita Yousefi, said: “The level of destruction was astounding. We documented bulldozers in action clearing large areas of intact forests and grasslands, as well as huge fires billowing smoke into the air.

“While the Gran Chaco has traditionally received less attention that other biomes like the Brazilian Amazon, it’s a vitally important ecosystem, and there’s no reason to destroy it.”

The report opens with a quote from local farmer Catalina Cendra, who’s animals got sick from the herbicides being sprayed on the soy crops from the air. The poignant report highlights the issue of the wold of animal agriculture, and that corporations need to take responsibility for their actions on destroying an ecosystem. On the Mighty Earth website, you can find the report in full.


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