Animal Defenders International President honoured with award

President of Animal Defenders International (ADI), Jan Creamer is going to be awarded The Otilia Animal Advocacy award on December 10th at TheWIFTS International Visionary Awards 2017. The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase & TheWIFTS foundation is dedicated to increasing awareness of ‘singular women as individuals’.

Jan Creamer, ADI President, said: “It is an honour to be chosen for this special award. As a species, we are having a devastating effect on the lives of animals and our shared environment, they need our help. Humanity can be a force for good, protecting our planet and the other species who call it home.”

A short film showcasing ADI’s work for animals, titled Operation Spirit of Freedom will be screened at the awards ceremony, which features ADI’s latest rescue operation saving 100 animals from circuses and the illegal wildlife trade. The assistance ADI provided to the Peruvian government in enforcement on wild animal acts saw over 30 lions flown back to Africa and more than 50 species of ingenious wild animals, including monkeys and bears were homed in ADI sanctuary facilities in the Amazon.

ADI collect evidence on industries renowned for exploiting animals such as, circuses, performing animal trainers, animal laboratories and fur farms. Bringing this information together into short films is a major element of the work that they do, giving exposure to the necessary causes and rallying more support from the public.


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