Animal Defenders International to Host Fundraising Evening in London

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is hosting a fundraising evening in London to raise money to carry out their rescue work. During the event, people are invited to participate in a Q&A with ADI founders Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips.

There will be news from their latest rescue mission in Guatemala, where they are helping to enforce a ban on animals in circuses, with 14 tigers and lions currently in ADI’s care.

The fundraising evening is on Friday 22nd June, from 7.30 to 9.30pm and it is being held at Karamel Restaurant, 4 Coburg Road, London, N22. Tickets cost £6 and can be purchased in advance here. Proceeds from the event will go to their ongoing work in Guatemala to enforce the ban on animals in circuses.

There will be an exclusive preview of a new episode of Animal Planet’s Dodo Heroes series, with the episode focusing on ADI’s most recent work in Peru, where they were working with the authorities on banning wild animals in circuses.

During Operation Spirit of Freedom, as it came to be called, the team set up a temporary rescue centre from scratch and travelled the country to track down illegal circuses, and save the animals involved.

ADI Vice President, Tim Phillips, said: “This is a joyous and uplifting story about giving animals from circuses, who have endured so much, their lives back. We see what is means for animals to be reunited with their own kind, how the damage done by their captors can be repaired, and how when they are given space, they burst into life. It tells an important story about the treatment of animals but will also leave people smiling.”

The team spent months helping to rehabilitate animals and relocate them to sanctuaries. Pepe, a spider monkey was relocated to a sanctuary in the Amazon; lioness Kiara and her family were flown back to Africa with other lions seized during the operation, and in total over 100 animals were saved as a direct result of the new law.

To donate to ADI directly, you can find out more information here.


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