Animal Sanctuary Launches Lottery To Help Horses, Cats and Dogs

Jacobs Ridge animal sanctuary in Spain has launched a lottery to raise money for over 125 animals who live there including pigs, horses, goats, cats, dogs and donkeys, among others.

Julian Nicholson launched the lottery to allow Jacobs Ridge and other sanctuaries and shelters to apply for funding when they have a need or lack of funds.

Nicholson said: “You see, the animals at the Ridge are safe against all the odds. Before we found them, they were destined for nothing but misery and a traumatic, early death. We need as many animal lovers as possible to start playing the Lottery and help spread the word far and wide.

“Not only will this allow us to keep our current residents happy and well, but it will enable us to rescue many more animals in need. And the great thing about this lottery is that it doesn’t only help Jacobs Ridge to be more effective, it will help other sanctuaries as well.

“The situation out there is desperate. We have more pigs than any other species at the Ridge, but we could rescue more every, single day – such is the level of abuse so entrenched in our society,” Julian continued. “As animal advocates, we need to look outside the usual channels of action and funding. It is a burning desire to do so much more that propelled me into creating this Lottery.”

New player, Tina Abbott, said: “I think The Animal Sanctuary Lottery is such a brilliant idea. I can only afford to donate a certain amount of money, but by playing every week I have the chance to donate more if I win.

“I came third in a recent draw and donated my winnings back to Jacobs Ridge. As I won almost twice as much as I played, I’ve already been able to give more than if I just did a standard donation every month.”

Taking part in The Animal Sanctuary Lottery is easy — sign up here for as little as £1 a week.



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