Home Office Reveal Animal Testing Statistics for 2017

The UK Home Office have released animal testing statistics in the UK for 2017. It has been revealed that 3,721,744 animals were used for research in the UK during 2017; this figure includes mice, fish, rabbits, dogs, rats, monkeys and other animals.

The full extent of the suffering is unknown, as information about animal testing is often exempt under the Freedom of Information act, and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) are urging the UK Government to end the secrecy surrounding animal testing.

Jan Creamer, president of NAVS, said: “With advanced modern methods being more accurate and relevant than animal tests, the UK Government must do more to encourage researchers to adopt their use. A shift in policy and end to the secrecy surrounding animal tests is urgently needed to enable science to save lives – better for people and animals.”

A recent poll from Ipsos Mori in 2016 found that 42 per cent of the public think animal research organisations are secretive, and one third of the public do not trust the regulatory system. Pressure is being put on the UK Government to make it compulsory that licence applications be made public before tests are approved, omitting personal or intellectual property.

The latest figures from the Home Office of the use of animals in research shows:

  • There was a decrease in the number of animals used – 3,721,744 animals were used, a drop of 145,784.
  • Over 688,500 experiments and breeding procedures forced animals to suffer severely. This ranges from internal bleeding, heart failure, nerve damage, wound infections, food and drink restrictions, and foot shocks.

Petitions surrounding the topic of animal testing can be found here, and there are calls that animals are to be rehomed when released from research facilities, which you can find here.

As the vegan movement continues to grow, cosmetics companies are changing their ingredients and seeking alternative methods. Animal testing is renowned for being inconclusive, making the process completely unnecessary.



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