Another big meat brand just launched vegan sausages

Richmond releases meat-free sausages


Whether you agree with buying vegan meat-alternatives from meat-based companies or not, it is certainly noteworthy when a meat company launches a plant-based product for the first time.


It might only be to cash in on the vegan ‘trend’, but it means that the demand for vegan food is increasing, so much so, that even meat companies think that it is worth their time and money to invest in.


richmond vegan sausage



Just this week, Kerry Foods, who own Richmond – a brand  known for making meat-based sausages – has expanded into the meat-free market for the first time, launching vegan sausages, with an ‘ambition to continue evolving its range to respond to differing consumer needs’.


It shows that vegan needs are finally being taken notice of. Plant-based people are a force that now warrants listening to and companies are actually starting to listen and respond with products to accommodate us.


There is also a hope that the big brand’s move will sway regular consumers of their meat-based sausage to try something new, to reduce their meat consumption, and recognise that being vegan does not mean missing out.


The company have tried to make their vegan sausage as similar to their meat-based product as possible.


Kerry Foods state that they set out ‘to create the perfect meat-free sausage that doesn’t sacrifice on great taste or texture. This means the meat-free sausages can easily be used in the place of a meat product, making it a simple swap for consumers.’


Based on qualitative research and category insights, the vegan sausages will sit predominantly alongside the existing Richmond meat ranges in stores.


The hope is that the vegan product will benefit from the foot traffic driven down the meat aisles, encouraging more people to try meat-free.


Richmond Meat-Free Sausages are made from a soya-based protein and contain 57.5 calories per sausage. They’ll be rolling out in retailers from the end of the month, priced at £2.50 for a pack of eight.




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